Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Won't be near a PC for a few days so I'll take the chance now to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas.
Best wishes to you all,
Kathleen xxx

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Internet returns

The internet connection problems weren't as serious as first feared, so here I am back again.
Firstly, I've decided to sew in the ends of Clapotis and wear it unblocked for a little while till I see how I like it. Then shortly when it needs its first wash I'll decide whether to block or not.
Now, here are some pictures of Miller being worn. Yes, THAT Miller, the one with the bunchy sleeves. In my version anyway. Got good feedback about it at our stitching session last Sunday, anyway. It was a special get-together to give our friend Midsummer Night's Knitter a fond farewell as she prepares to set up a new life in Zurich. There will be more to be said about that nearer the time, but time's moving very quickly!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Internet troubles

Still surviving and thriving but I have internet connection problems so I won't be around for a few days.
More time to knit I suppose.
Enjoy your preparations. x K

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Two finished objects

After a dismal day weather-wise I decided I couldn't hold off any longer before showing you Miller, which has been sitting sewn up, blocked, ends sewn in and all that jazz for days.
I've been waiting for a day with some sunlight, hell I'd have settled for daylight to get out and take some snaps in the park, but no joy.
Overall I'm happy with in and will get lots of wear out of it even though the fit of the arms is a bit funny, I think erratic blocking is to blame here. I hope to give you some shots of it on and some shots showing the details, but I'll have to wait for a change in the weather. We had snow tonight, but it didn't lie before being washed away by sleet.
Looking on the bright side, being indoors all day did give me the opportunity to finish off my Clapotis, which is an altogether more glamorous proposition.
Here are some sneak previews. These pictures show it unblocked, no ends sewn in or anything. I've really enjoyed making this one, and wouldn't rule out making another in the future, perhaps as a gift.
On thing which has really grown on me as the scarf itself has grown, is the appearance of the wrong side. There's something appealing about the change in texture on that side, you can see it in the second picture.
I would also say the Mirasol Hacho yarn has been a dream to knit with, once the scarf is washed and blocked I'll tell you how it holds up.

One last thing,
DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IN THE ST. ANDREW'S DAY POLL, it will be coming to a close soon.

Happy Knitting, Kathleen x