Sunday, August 31, 2008

Something to "plank"

DH and I have decided to have a "recession proof" Christmas.

The upside of this is it is very liberating and lifts the obligation to buy a few extra not really wanted gifts just because the pile looks too small. One or two handmade or lovingly selected presents shared in our own home.
The downside is, well there isn't really a downside, there will be other years to splash out !
You never know, I may even accomplish some stash-busting.
I must find a place to store these Christmas socks now where I will remember where I put them. I don't need to find too inventive a hiding place because he has seen them and tried them on several times for the custom fit.
These are knitted in Regia Galaxy in Granit purchased from GetKnitted. Each sock used about 40g worth of yarn. I'm really pleased with them because they are a good balance of sober enough to wear but with a little visual interest to keep the knitter sane. The yarn feels lovely too.
The sock-binge continues and I should have some lady socks to show you soon. Happy Knitting x K

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beautiful yarn

Now, it's not much that gets me over to the Far East but I was pleased to make an exception to go over and check out a trunk show of beautiful hand-painted and hand-spun yarns made by my friend Tigerlilith .
She has a web presence as well as the fact that some qualities and colourways are available from K1 yarns .

I selected some 2-ply laceweight, seen here in blue, or Aegean to be precise. It feels divine, being made from baby alpaca, silk and cashmere. DH was pawing it for ages when I showed him.
Next to that is some superwash merino 4-ply sock-yarn in Violets, which is a perfect name to encompass all the shades of purple in this one.
Sitting on top is my little "Emergency yarn" loyalty key-ring gift, he he.

Next up we have some more of the Merino Superwash 4-ply, this time in the special K1 colourway- predominantly damson with bottle green in places. I've always liked this one when I've seen it online so I took the plunge when I saw how lovely it was in the flesh as it were.
The last Old Maiden Aunt offering is a bamboo-merino blend in Neptune. I am always magnetically pulled towards this type of colour combo and the hand of the yarn is just yummy.

I hadn't been to the Edinburgh branch of K1 Yarns before, so while I was there I took the chance to pick up some of the Noro Kureyon sock yarn I'd been hearing about too.

If you fancy getting your hands on some Old Maiden Aunt yarns, some of the remaining items from the trunk show have been loaded to the web shop as above, so go on over and feast your eyes! x K

Saturday, August 02, 2008

From head to toes

No more head-gear for the time being, I'm in the throes of a sock binge!

Buying sock yarn, buying 2 point something needles by the dozen and hell yeah, even doing some actual sock knitting. I really do go in phases.

For moi some Dublin Bay socks by Ryan Morrissey at Mossy Cottage Knits (free download) made from Regia Bamboo Color in girly colours.

For DH some plain vanilla socks in Regia Galaxy in black and tones of grey. Not too boring though, cos you get some swirly galaxy things emerging as long as you cast on 60 or more stitches.

And some shopping from Stitching Time in Hamilton.
Jawoll Silk from Lang Yarns; Wool Craft Superwash Sock Yarn in blue-burgundy-green, Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett; Wool Craft Superwash Sock Yarn in bluey-greeny. Fairly sedate colours so I can knit them for either of us, depending on who's being good.
Oh yes, and I've also bought the Galaxy yarn in three other colours. So far. x K