Saturday, April 29, 2006

My last yarn purchase.

No, not a typo for My lastest yarn purchase but yes, indeed, my last yarn purchase for 90 days.

90 days! I've been working up to telling you all week. J has been doing a lot of tidying, organizing and spring cleaning this week and while I was joining in a little bit I came to the decision that I will have to go where many's the brave knitter has gone before - I am not going to buy any yarn for a few months and will instead try to use up some stash yarn.
It was one of those moments where I was thinking that I have some really lovely stuff here, but I hardly even see what's below the surface because I'm always topping up. I still like the vast majority of what's in my storage boxes, but it's like a wardrobe, when it's overstuffed you can't see what you've actually got. I could buy more storage boxes but I feel as if I am gradually bricking up the spare room window! So, now that my ebay consignment of All Seasons Cotton has arrived, I am not going to add to the stash until the end of July. (20 balls of Peaches & Purr, discontinued colours.) I am allowed to buy one or two balls of something in case of emergency if I run out of yarn to finish a project, but no, I can't cheat by buying something and immediately using it before it joins the stash proper. I may miss some bargains on the way, but I hope the added accessibility will make up for it. I also have one tiny joker I can't say too much about at the moment. Oh boy, wish me luck, I may well need it.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and compliments on Pumpkin. I am delighted that several people have mentioned that they think it is a nice colour on me. I know not everyone would buy or wear that colour, but I was quite drawn to it and I think it's paid off. Your comments are very kind. x K
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Spare room stash. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful day for a stroll in the park. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Colours of evening

Ladies and gentlemen, by the power of the self-timer on the camera, I can share with you my race against time to get some outdoor pictures of my latest finished object before darkness fell on Alexandra Parade.

This involved much tilting of the camera on thorn bushes, precariously balancing it on the fence of the duck pond and such like. Yes, as usual, I must have looked really sweet! I think DH was too tired after our walk round
Hogganfield Loch to go out parking again.

So, I present you with pictures of me in my Garter Rib Sweater, as designed by Martin Storey, from Classic Knits for Real Women. It was made in 16 balls of Rowan's All Seasons Cotton, shade copper, bought for a VERY good price from getknitted

I made size 4, (not that kind of size 4, as if!) and I enjoyed not having to tinker with the pattern or needle sizes or whatever to get my size. I had thought though that if I made a pattern for a woman my size, in the recommended yarn, I would not have to do my usual tinkering. Not quite, I shortened the sleeve length. I prefer bracelet length to a foot too long length. This meant (here come the inevitable consequences) that the rib pattern didn't match perfectly for setting in the raglan sleeves. Fudgity fudge fudge - it matches where it matters. I also toned down the cowl neck a bit. I get claustrophobic in things with too much happening close to my neck.
Overall, really pleased.
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Evening light, but you can still see it's me wearing a jumper, which is the whole point. Posted by Picasa

Some passing Polish persons saw my predicament and offered to take this one for me. I don't know that they knew WHY they were taking it, but they did so with good grace. Could this be my first speccy blog picture?Posted by Picasa

Pleased with the fit. Sunlight getting low now. Posted by Picasa

Happy with adjusted sleeve length. We 5'3" Scots can't wear Martin Storey's suggested length without nine turn-ups. (Remember the model had hers turned up about four times. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

There's good news...

Well, the good news is that when I saw my delightful great niece on Monday she tried on this cardigan and it looks as if it will be a great size for her this summer! This is great news which makes all the sweat worthwhile because I was starting to think it would be too wee after all my delays.

The pattern appeared in a Women's Weekly Stitching Special, although no specific designer's name is given. The suggested yarn is Elle True Blue Denim, but I made the largest size in Sirdar Indigo, which I believe works in much the same way.

I worked on circulars up to the armholes to make fewer ends, but I broke off the yarn after each colour change to "make the edges less bulky" in my fevered imagination. BAD IDEA. If I ever knit it again, I will carry up the yarns at the side and slide the work to the correct end of the circs if the yarn is at the wrong end.

I added a few extra rows in length before the shaping as the fabulous Miss Anja is long and slim. She won't stay very slim though if she keeps eating Hula Hoops at such an alarming rate!

Then I panicked because the designer had, you know, designed it (The clue is in the job description Kathleen) so that sleeve striping would work with the body. So, to avoid headaches and because time was marching on, I did the sleeves in the main, mid-blue denim colour. I had of course acquired a ball or two at the Hobbycrafts and Creative Stitches show at the SECC by this point. Much the same motivation for the hood.

I really like this pattern, and although there have been hairy moments, none of them were actually down to the instructions or the yarn. That'll be me then, eh?

So, the bad news - I am having the devil's own job finding the correct zip for this baby. If I am sensible, I may just make do with a good rather than a wonderful zip to make sure Miss A can get the use of this cardi. Every stitch a kiss Miss Hula Hoop.

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Back view of hoodie. I'd wear this myself if I could scale up the pattern from 18mths size! Posted by Picasa

Border stiches forming a casing which marvelously cover all the darned-in ends from the colour stripes. Must remember this in future! Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

I know some of you were starting to think this cardigan was a figment of my fevered imagination. Well, here's something to keep you going in the meantime. I'm on the very last lap with it and will post the specs soon. Posted by Picasa

Esmerelda in Sirdar Indigo hoodie. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ha, he tricked me, he didn't take me to Glasgow Green, he took me to The Wallace Monument instead. Nice run through to Stirling, good walk up Abbey Craig, and up the 432 steps to the top. Very exhilarating and great view in all directions.
There is an exhibition on each level so you don't have to do all the stairs at once, thankfully. As you coiled round the narrow stone spiral staircase you could hear the audio visual display of the next floor getting closer. It motivates you to get excited about hearing about Scottish history, if only for a breather. It's very well-done actually.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and it was just what I was looking

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Ben Ledi and the Trossachs.

And just in case, you're wondering, McAree Brothers is shut on a Sunday. Trust me, I looked!

I've finished my two big sleeves, which are only fractionally smaller than the front, but I've still got a bit of work ahead of me.

Added later: Forgot to tell you that the fajitas were delicious!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The best laid plans...

When I suggested to DH last night that we should "go a run in the car" on Sunday, he seemed quite enthusiastic, so I decided not to blog last night, in case I had some stunning pictures by the end of today.
Well, this morning I find that he would like a run to Glasgow Green (10 mins away) so he has plenty of time to marinate his fajitas.
I will not moan as I will get the good of the fajitas, instead I have taken a picture from the archive. This is our friend Roddy with Jonathan at the top of Doach Wood, near Castle Douglas. I am behind the camera.

The views are out towards Balcary Bay and Hestan Island on the Solway Firth. (You may have heard in the news this week that more cockle pickers ran into difficulty with the tides on this stretch this week.)
J used to have cottages to rent over at Balcary Bay, and his mum still lives nearby. In fact, d'ya wanna buy a cottage? He'll be putting the last one on the market this spring.

Had a great night out with some knitting friends on Friday night. Was treated to a look at Jill's beautiful engagement ring, fondled Theresa's KSH jumper, heard all about the wedding Heather had done all the sewing for, admired India's new hairdo and toe-up sock, and got to meet the well-travelled Irene for the first time. Hope it won't be too long till the next time, Irene!

In the meantime, enjoy scenes of Dumfries and Galloway.... :-)

(In knitting I am working away on my sleeves, and measuring, measuring, measuring.)
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Should I be afraid if...

... the model in the picture has rolled her sleeves up about six times?

(Sorry, this is the clearest picture I can find at the moment. Martin Storey Garter-Rib Sweater, Classic Knits for Real Women, All Seasons Cotton)

I've finished the increases on every fourth row on both sleeves simultaneously. I'm wondering if I should do the remaining incs on every sixth row as per pattern, or more frequently to get to the correct stitch count with less length. I need a certain stitch count for the raglan shaping.

The schematic is only helpful up to a point, I think the 'problem' is that although the sleeve length shown (45cm) is not bad, because it's a baggy jumper, your 45cm is not starting close to your torso, but on the fabric of the roomy body of the jumper.

Any thoughts gratefully considered....

Monday, April 03, 2006


I'm not a member of Project Spectrum, it's just a coincidence that I am showing you swathes of orange fabric!
Looking back in my archives I can see that I posted an ALMOST identical picture on the 25th of January. They probably look the same to the untrained eye, but I can assure you that this time I am offering you the back and the front of this garter rib jumper. The almost imperceptible neck shaping of the front is the only give away that there are two layers on top of one another.
I worked on this at our meet-up at the Tramway Theatre yesterday which was good fun as always. Some lovely new members coming these days, as well as old friends.
Still quite a lot of knitting ahead of me in the raglan sleeves and the cowl collar. Good job I am on Easter holiday now, plenty of time to get cracking!
Happy Knitting x K
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