Friday, August 28, 2009

Just my luck!

On Ravelry I have been appointed as a guest moderator for the thread-

Is racism alive and kicking?

in the remnants forum via their Mod Attack scheme at the moment.

Couldn't I have been appointed to-

Are six-week old pandas cute?*
Is learning a foreign language worth it?*
Is lace knitting addictive?*

*Sadly these threads do not yet exist. Maybe that's why I haven't been appointed them.

Have any of you readers been asked to guest mod something on Ravelry? x K

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sometimes you have to believe your eyes....

A larger than the published large size of Ishbel.
This is what I managed to get out of my 300 yard skein.

Remember, this is a me-sized T-shirt.

Nice and wrinkly, but good for scale compared to the other photo.
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....rather than the pattern.

Remember, this would have been one row away from completion.

Small sized Ishbel, what the pattern would recommend for my 300 yard ball of yarn. x K
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Candytuft Fairy

How sad is this?
Photographing and blogging this card just so my beloved can see it?

It is to the layout specified in Clare's Challenge of the Week over at docrafts.

Leapt through hoops to get this card together because my card-making stash is out of reach.
Had to be a bit more resourceful and use things like a fairy from some wrapping paper, beads and button from my knitting kit and I even stamped my own FAIRY paper.

x K
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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


It didn't take long to become at peace with the fact I had to rip out a portion of Sea Ishbel.

I've now re-done more rows than I frogged, which is always a good stage, and I got a chance to weigh the skein when I got to the bit where the shawlette would have ended.

48g left

Ok, you get it, it would've meant "wasting" almost half a ball, and that isn't going to happen, so onwards I plough with the rather lovely, if I may say, Sea Ishbel.

I'm not in a very linky mood, but my ripping experience is nothing compared to the recent frog-fests of merinomills, tigerlilith and kariebookish, so no more will be said about my measly couple of dozen rows. x K

Saturday, August 01, 2009

As Others See Us Exhibition

We thoroughly enjoyed a photography exhibition we saw in Kirkcudbright town hall last week.
It's part of the whole Year of Homecoming celebration here in Scotland and consists of portraits of important and/or famous contemporary Scots who have chosen and excerpt of Robert Burns' poetry and expressed what it means to them.

This link
should take you directly to the artists' page, giving some examples of the portraits and the tour dates. Click on any of the thumbnail portraits or any of the sitters' names to see more.

The photographers Ross Gillespie and Tricia Malley take some aspect of the chosen lines of the poem and portray it in the portrait. Definitely worth a look if it comes to venue near you. x K