Sunday, December 31, 2006

Knitting Inventory 2006

This is a picture of scarves I have either received or knitted this year. One of my resolutions last year was to knit fewer scarves- well I succeeded. I knitted eight in 2005 and seven in 2006. Hee hee. Mind you I did accomplish three shawls, and plenty more of them to come in the year ahead, all being well.
Another resolution was to knit more for other people, which I definitely achieved too.

Here's a list of my Finished Objects for 2006.
Like last year there are 18 of them.
And like last year, the colours are just for fun, not links. Unless otherwise stated, items are for me, me, me.

Sirdar Indigo zipper cardigan, Woman’s Weekly pattern, for Anja
Deep by Carol Meldrum, Rowan 39 in Rowan Summer Tweed
Old Hayfield pattern cardigan in Jaeger 4ply for Maggie’s Adam

Garter Rib jumper from Classic Knits for Real Women, Rowan All Seasons Cotton

Leaf Lace Shawl in Kid Classic, by Evelyn Clark at Fibertrends
Shetland Triangle in Lang Yarns Venezia, by Evelyn Clark, Wrap Style
Kiri in Orkney Angora, by Polly at All Tangled Up

Multi-directional scarf in Art Yarns Royal Silk
Misty Garden from Scarf Style, in Fyberspates Silk Boucle, for Pam
Braided Mischief from Scarf Style in Debbie Bliss Maya, for Jonathan
Gedifra Scarf Net scarf in Da Masi
Ruffles from Scarf Style in Louisa Harding Angora, for Sarah
Funky Chunky side to side scarf in Wendy Fusion, for Kathryn
Froth Scarf in Rowan Kid Silk Haze and Kid Silk Spray, for Cynthia

Cable rib socks, adapted Lucy Neatby, Shoeller & Stahl
Jaywalkers by Grumperina at MagKnits, Regia Mini Ringel

Denim headscarf with picot edging in Sirdar Indigo
Lace headscarf in Rowan 4ply cotton
Rambler Beanie in Sublime Aran
Fake Isle hat by Amy at Magknits, Noro Kureyon and Kilcarra Donegal Tweed
Half Dome in Jaeger Merino, Knitty, for Anna

Fingerless Mitts in Rowan Kid Classic for Childline
Fingerless Mitts in Rowan Felted Tweed

Felted Gypsy Bag in Kid Classic, own recipe, for Jane

Midwest Moonlight mat in Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere
Ballband table mats in Sirdar Indigo for Carol for Rowan exchange
Jug cover in Rowan 4ply cotton for Carol
Siesta lap blanket in Noro Kureyon

All in all I've had another great knitting year.
Thanks to all my visitors here at KEDkrafty.
Any knitting resolutions for 2007? Watch this space.

And - enjoy bringing in the New Year.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Compliments of the Season

Hello again.
Sorry for editing this post, particularly as it already had a comment -Happy Christmas Carol! My "stained glass" picture may resurface again in a few days.
The thing is, I didn't think I'd have the chance again to post before Christmas, but I'm enjoying a relaxing night with my beloved and a 'net' of satsumas so I have the time to show you some of the decorations we put up tonight. This is our Willow Tree Nativity Scene which we bought with the wedding gift from my brother T and his lovely and very crafty wife C. I'm gonna get the camel and the stable too, when they are back in stock.
It is fair to say that I LOVE Christmas, but I don't subscribe to the idea that we must work up a fervour building up to the 25th.
For me, a wee bit of preparation doesn't go amiss, but the whole point is that it BEGINS with the celebration of the Nativity, which tradition has it we commemorate at this time of year. I feel so sorry for retail staff who are caught up in the commercial machine which means they are rushed off their feet and then perhaps get a day or a weekend off. Not much time to get a breather, never mind have time to celebrate and remember the point of Christmas.
This is the lovely candle I bought from Nora, a former work colleague who is now retired and does a bit of supply teaching when not doing handicrafts.
She made us some beautiful wedding candles, so I was delighted to buy her products again.
And yes, in case you're wondering, I do keep all the "holy" Christmas cards together ! My friends from work and I all tend to give Nativity cards. I do like the others too, I just put them on separate racks.

This is the tree which DH has trimmed with decorations he has picked up over the years- he thinks some may be forty or so years old. I'm starting to feel a bit more festive now and I wouldn't be surprised if those pressies multiply a bit over the next few days.
Enjoy. x K

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Half Dome

Well, I couldn't see any problem myself about doing Half Dome from summer 2006 Knitty in the round, but I just wanted a little bit of affirmation because I don't have time for avoidable blunders at this time of year!
Thanks for your thoughts.
If any of you decide to do it in the round I would recommend doing ALL of the decreases one stitch in from the marker. The pattern factors in the loss of a half stitch or full stitch on each side of the seam when sewing up your backstitch or mattress stitch and places the first and last dec two stitches in.
An easy enjoyable knit in Jaeger 100% merino aran, which was a pleasant change after wasting loads of time and money on Friday and Saturday on some DB Alpaca Silk which tangled, frayed, knotted, shed and stained my support gloves with dye loss. It has been rewound into a million tiny balls now, so no way of taking it back. Just FYI I was trying out centre square from the new Knitty in the DB.
Oh well, now I have a nice smart, seam-free, natural fibre hat for my friend in plenty of time (ha ha) for Santa.Thank you! x K

Advice please...

Urgent Santa query-

Can anyone foresee any problem at all with me knitting this pattern in the round?

Any comments gratefully received.

Thank you my dears. x K

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Robert the Bruce

If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again.

This little swatch here looks like a six inch square of Noro Kureyon whizzed up in entrelac. Let me tell you that this represents a great victory of perseverance over challenge and adversity. I get it! I finally get entrelac after umpteen attempts! Quick, cast on some more before I lose it again. It's a fairly ham-fisted attempt, but let me enjoy my feelings of achievement for the moment. Aaaaaaah. Posted by Picasa

Gumersinda looks proud of her new entrelac blanket, although she says I should be more consistent with my slipped stitches. Posted by Picasa

Angora snuggles

A sneaky preview. Please don't say if you recognise this, as many of you will, particularly Glasgow Stitch 'n' Bitchers. A big curly wurly pile of Christmas softness. Please feel free to say if you love it. Wink wink. More revealing photos and write-up to follow, after Santy's been. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Like many blogsters, I'm a bit limited as to what I can show you at the moment, but I can show you this side to side scarf for a young relative of DH, who does not read this blog. I enjoyed making this, it was a pleasant quick knit, and I'm glad I was taken by the idea of the whimsical funky chunky crocheted flowers on the ends. Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure, but good for a young teen. And yes, yarns snobs ;-) it IS a wool b*l*e*n*d, again because it's for a carefree young person. :-) Posted by Picasa

This is the shop-bought scarf which gave me the idea for the hand made side to side one. Mine is not a copy, but the general ideas and colours spring boarded off the one bought in Accesorize. Mine is knitted in Wendy Fusion in "Juniper Berries" with accents and details in RYC Soft Tweed in "Loganberry" and "Kingfisher". Posted by Picasa