Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End-of-year Round-up 2008

So we find ourselves on the last day of 2008. Say it aloud, it's hard to believe.
Anyway, here is the traditional round-up of projects for 2008.
Colours are for fun and all are knitted unless stated.

Manly Ribbed Scarf in Twilley's Freedom Spirit and Sirdar Peru, improvised, for Jonathan.

The Duke's Scarf in Rowan Felted Tweed, my interpretation of the Sanquhar Duke's pattern, for twelfthknit.
Touch of Tainted in Rowan Colourscape Chunky, based on Tainted by Sarah Hatton at Rowan, for Fiona.
Pink Ice in Hand-dyed alpaca, Ice Queen by Rosemary Hill, Knitty Winter 2007, for me.

Waistcoat singular
Stony Waistcoat in Jonelle Knitting Cotton DK, Lisa Richardson Rowan 43, for me.

Cardigan singular
Shades of Blue cardigan in Twilley's Freedom Spirit, Sirdar Jacket 8750, for me.

Adamas headscarf in Patons Cotton 4ply, Adamas shawl by Miriam Felton, for me.
Nautical headscarf in Patons Cotton 4ply, improvised, for me.
Crochet increasing headscarf in Adriafil Swing, improvised, for me.

Lacy Ankle Plain Foot socks in Opal Uni, Simply Lovely Lace Socks by Karen Baumer, for me.
Dark Galaxies in Regia Galaxy Color, Simple Sock Pattern by Sue Morgan, for Jonathan.
Candy Socks in Regia Bamboo, Dublin Bay Sock by Ryan Morissey, for me.
Pink Boot Socks in Regia Crazy Color 6ply, Prism by Jaya Srikrishnan, for me.
Navy Galaxies in Regia Galaxy Color, Simple Sock Pattern by Sue Morgan, for Jonathan.

Purple Gretel in Rowan Pure Wool Aran, Gretel by Ysolda Teague, for Deborah.
Tetris in Noro Kureyon, Tychus by Brooke T. Higgins in Knitty Summer 2005, for me.
Green Tychus in RYC Extra Fine Merino DK, Tychus by Brooke T. Higgins in Knitty Summer 2005, first up best dressed.
Snug Tychus in Noro Kureyon, Tychus by Brooke T. Higgins in Knitty Summer 2005, for Roddy.
Heathery in Noro Kureyon, Tychus by Brooke T. Higgins in Knitty Summer 2005, for Jonathan.

So, where are the beautiful jumpers and lacy shawls?
Where's all the colourwork supposed to take place in 2008?
We're hitting on the resolutions for 2009 methinks.

My own favourite finished item of 2008 was this, which took months to make, involved a learning curve and a lot of planning, and was for a dear friend.
Ravelry link

My most admired project has been this, which took one evening, was as easy as pie, and was for me. Ravelry link
Don't get me wrong, the Duke's scarf was admired, but this one really grew wings and took off.
It's so funny the way things work out, isn't it?

Enjoy your Hogmanay and here's to another great year of knitting in 2009.
Thank-you very much for visiting KEDkrafty this year. All the best, Kathleen xxxxx

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Groovy man

A couple of months ago I took these screen shots of word clouds of KEDkrafty created on Wordle .
Now seems as good a time as any to show them as the year draws to a close.
Ok, must dash, suddenly have the urge to see what an up-to-date version of the word cloud would look like.
Keep enjoying the festives. x K

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone!
Very best wishes to you and yours.
Kathleen x

Monday, December 22, 2008

Some looks for Winter 2008-2009

First catch your sea-front.

In this case we have chosen Blackpool, you may prefer a sea-front closer to home.

Next model your Ice Queen from Knitty Winter 2007 made in Alpaca hand-dyed by a friend. (Alice or Clarkette, whichever you prefer.)

This is my "walk along the promenade" look.

"Going to visit Father-in-law".

"Shetland Wifie"

"Out to sea"

"Cozy toasty"

"Hair out of your face"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Festive Treats

A couple of Fridays ago I went to the Grand Opening of my knitting buddy Lilith's new dyeing and spinning studio.

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of the Yule Night in the town of West Kilbride and I came away with some beautiful treats.
I don't have the yarn in front of me so I can't read the labels so I'll have to provide the information as per Ravelry.

Old Maiden Aunt
Superfine Alpaca Silk DK
Colourway Espresso
280 yds
Old Maiden Aunt
Superwash Merino 4 ply
Colourway Wisteria
Old Maiden Aunt Laceweight Merino 2 ply
Colourway Black Coffee
1600 yds
If you fancy some Old Maiden Aunt yarns for yourself, you'll find a selection here

I also managed to score some Cascade 220 Paints from Eileen at
So, here you have my pre-Christmas crackers. x K

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Warm neck, warm ears

I don't like things up tight around my neck. For example if you put me in a polo neck I'd be clutching at the fabric and panting like a rabid dog and making generally distressed noises within seconds.

Almost every top I wear has a V neck and at work I am usually seen in one of my thirteen 3/4 length sleeved V neck knitted jumpers from Evans. All different colours, but some more different than others.

But then again I don't like being cold on my early morning walks to the bus stop and I like to give my throat a wee bit of protection otherwise no speaking (I speak all day at work) or singing (if I refrain from singing for more than five mins, check for a pulse).

So, here's my pull-on pull-off cowl, made to Rosemary Hill's Ice Queen pattern in Knitty Winter 2007.

Nan of Stitching Time first recommended this pattern to me last year. Rowan Kidsilk Haze is the yarn called for, but I scored some lovely hand dyed Alpace from my knitting buddy Alice in a recent swap shop, and thought it would fit the bill. It's a lovely semi-solid yarn which was a delight to work with but a total nightmare to ball up. That all seems like ancient history now as I admire the finished object. I used some Jaeger beads left over from Swallowtail.

There are dozens of fudges in this, it seems that every time I took a photo I saw a new imperfection but it really is no big deal to me at all.

I would like to show you how it's a lovely cozy collar which reaches down into the top of your coat and makes your shoulders snug, while remaining nice and loose and comfy at the neck. Or pulled up over your head to keep the wind out of your ears. But outwith working hours there is just so little daylight at the moment. And this coming from someone who can finish at 3:30 some days. Hopefully I can show you some action shots in the near future.

In the meantime, thank-you Alice or Clarkette to give her her Ravelry name, for such lovely yarn. x K

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Consumerist refuseniks

If you're interested in anti-consumerist and anti-consumption ideas, why not call in on my friend's new blog?

It's very new so he just has one design to showcase so far. He hopes it can be used on T-shirts, hoodies, mouse mats etc. in the fullness of time.

This link is for adult users.
Consumerist refuseniks

Enjoy! x K

Sunday, November 30, 2008

God Bless Scotland and God Bless You!

Happy St. Andrew's Day to one and all!

Special greetings go to Scots, Russians, Greeks, Romanians, Sicilians (new one on me), fishermen and people called Andrew.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tearful and disgusted to the core

A person loses their life so others can get cut-price goods.

Thanksgiving? Christmas? Don't make me laugh.

One of the reasons I'm so upset is because it could've happened just as easily here on Boxing Day as it did in the U.S. on Black Friday.

News Story

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hats Galore!

Hi, how have you been?

I've been fine and having fun knitting some hats.

First finished was Gretel by Ysolda Teague made from Rowan Pure Wool Aran.

This was a fairly challenging knit for me because I'm not an experienced cable knitter, but the
pattern was lovely and clear and held my hand every step of the way. It was good value for money at £3 for the download. I put in lifelines at strategic points because this one is being sent off to Santa and I knew I couldn't afford the time for a complete Frog Fest. If I were making this for myself I would go for the Slouchy rather than the Regular size but my friend does not have a large dome like me and wears her hair short.

The next one started as a swatch and was zooming up so quickly and beautifully it just turned into a hat. It is a variation on Tychus, a design by Brooke T. Higgins and published for free in Knitty Summer 2005. It's made from two ends of the same ball of Noro Kureyon. I had read on Ravelry that those with smaller heads may prefer to only do four wedges of short row shaping as opposed to the recommended five. I was fine with five because I do have a fairly big head, plus I had gone down in needle size to suit the Noro. Most of the pictures on Knitty show it with a brim rolled back- I'm not into that, but if you are, then be ever so neat when sewing up and weaving in your yarn ends. If I were to make it again, I'd cast on fewer stitches to take into account the lack of roll-back on the brim.

There are several more views of this on my my Ravelry page for this item

Last one is another Tychus, but this time made in RYC Extra Fine Merino. What a beautiful yarn! It flows through the fingers like liquid. This one was supposed to be a gift but by the time I goofed about with the pattern and added a wee stalk to the top it looked a bit too acornish for a man. I'll happily wear it parading the streets of Dumfries and Galloway, but it is a bit elfish, there's no getting away from it. (Just four wedges this time, but the short-rowed garter stitch is wonderfully stretchy.)

I should probably mention that I did a provisional cast on to start both hats with the intention of learning how to graft garter stitch. I must admit that this did not happen, I just did a three needle bind-off at the end and was very pleased with the results.

I've had loads of orders for these hats from friends and family. Some in jest, some in earnest. Be careful what you wish for!!! x K

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chunky Wool Hit; Chunky Wool Miss

After swooning over my friend Heather's Rowan Colourscape Chunky at a recent Sunday meet-up, I took the plunge and bought a couple of skeins for myself. Not cheap at £10.95 per skein, but lovely, lovely, lovely wool. I'm really happy with the texture, it is very even and consistent and has a nice "rolled" feel to it which tames it well. Happy to spend this on a Christmas present for someone who doesn't read this blog. Or if you do, just smile and act surprised. Pretty please!
This is the colourway "Northern Lights" and I'm knitting it into a scarf which has a lot in common with Sarah Hatton's Tainted Scarf. Ravelry link

The colours are pretty and it's knitting really nicely into the pattern. I'm just over half-way at the moment. Chunky Wool - Hit!!!

I've had some Naturwolle Handgesponnen in my stash for some time (Jan 2006). I decided I would work it into another pattern from the Colourscape Chunky Collection, a waistcoat called Valour- Ravelry link . Loving the pattern, loving the yarn, but unlike the Colourscape, this yarn runs thick and thin. Now I'm no expert, but I'd hazard that this is because it's handgesponnen. Anyway, the swatch looked gorge (yes I did swatch!) although I had to go down 1mm in needle size, but the garment is not knitting up well. You know that quirky characterful look you get in slubby yarn in garter stitch and stocking stitch? Well it just looks like you can't knit very well when done in k3 p1 rib. Yes, the pattern has you swatch in st st then work in rib.I've deliberated for a couple of days but I've known in my heart since Friday that it has to go. Froggy Mac Rip Rip.
Chunky Wool- Miss.
Must find another pattern for this lovely stuff. There's a nice short-sleeved cardigan in the pattern book which would work and I have enough yarn for. Very Noro-tastic. But if I'm cold enough for a bulky top I'm too cold for short sleeves. Short sleeved cardigans for me are for light cover-ups when it's just a little bit cool, not for winter warmers.
Anyway, the good news is that the Christmas gift is the one which is going well. I'm working to a bit of a schedule here. As for the Ingeborg Michels Handgesponnen, if it has languished in my stash for two years plus, it can wait a little longer for the ideal project . x K

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Visit to New Lanark

The thundering River Clyde

Last weekend we had a lovely visit to New Lanark Heritage Site to soak up some local history and to do some wool shopping of course. It was one of those very cold, very crisp autumn days with blue skies and lovely light while it lasts. I love those types of days.

The last time I visited the place was with an exchange trip of 45 French teenagers and their teachers. It's always the way, isn't it? You don't explore what's on your doorstep until you have visitors to show round. So, to rectify that (and did I mention the wool shopping?) we took a wee run over to have a good look round.

New Lanark Wool Silk DKAfter refreshing our memories about Robert Owen and watching a man unblock a weir full of weeds, we jumped into the shop and browsed for a good while before plumping for 20 balls of Donegal Silk Tweed DK in shade Cobalt. Actually it might have been a canal lock he was unblocking, but it's always interesting to watch someone else work...
I am making Brier from Rowan 36 with the yarn. Normally now I'd link to the Rowan page and show you but the Rowan site is out of commission at the moment. Did I sound measured, composed and calm there? Did I fool you even for a minute?
I can give a Ravelry reference though for Rav members Brier on Ravelry .
And, of course, thank-you very much for all the kind comments about our TV appearance. Aww shucks!!! x K

Monday, October 06, 2008

STV's Five Thirty Show, best episode ever!

Got a spare four minutes?

If so, get on over to STV Five Thirty Show Monday 6th October part two and watch a wee segment on Glasgow Knit n Stitch meetup, sponsored by Stitching Time Hamilton!

It's on between 04:09 and 08:26, just after an item about e-books.

Don't we look swell!!! I'm just amazed that after about 1 hour 45 mins filming they distilled it down to four minutes plus, and even more amazed they didn't feature more of the knitted objects we brought. Anyway, not to panic, here's the link.

Some of what I'm saying doesn't make sense because of they way it has been edited, but some would say, no change there. Plus, I haven't been knitting for 9 months. SRSLY?

I think we all come over well, and even the panning shots round the room are nice.

And I didn't shout at the telly! x K

Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn of Socks

Thanks for all the constructive comments about the virtual glasses try-on. I've left the comments open in case you still want to say something, hint hint family members by birth and marriage! It seems as if there is a short-list of favoured looks, and it was very nice and heartening to see that a few liked the ones which ressemble my current choice. Thank-you.

Ok, Autumn of Socks.

Autumn of Socks because yes, it's autumn, but also because I can feel my sock binge drawing to a close. The light is dimming on the sock-fest. The winds of change are blowing in. I will finish the ones on the needles, but they may be my last for some time.

I've finished the Dublin Bay socks in Regia Bamboo for myself (Ravved but not blogged) and some more Regia Galaxy socks to send to Santa for DH. They are in shades of blue this time and turned out nice and swirly, just like the black-grey ones. I can't remember if I said this before and I can't be bothered searching my archives, but apparently the secret is to cast on more than 60 sts if you want the swirls to form.

And in other news, STV's Five Thirty Show came to the Tron Theatre the other night to our Glasgow Knit n Stitch get-together!
The segment will be broadcast sometime this week apparently, I'll let you know when it will be aired and give the link to the Playback feature on their web-site.
I'll be really interested to see how it's all edited down and how it all comes over.
There's a fair chance Yours Truly will have a speaking part because I demonstrated the basic knit stitch to the presenter.
I can tell you now I will cringe at my posture and will be shouting at the screen, "Sit up straight, Kathleen!!!!!" x K

Friday, September 19, 2008

Glasses glasses spectacles glasses

Just been trying out a marvelous feature on the Specsavers website.
You upload a head and shoulders shot of yourself, and identify the centre of your pupils, then the software crops it and lets you "try on" loads of different glasses.

Quiksilver 9 are about the closest to my current pair, but I feel like a change because I'm fed up of the "barely there" look.

Do you think I'm roughly on the right track with these samples? Honesty please. (Maybe not b-r-u-t-a-l honesty!)You can go anonymous if it will help you be candid ;-)

And yes, I did "try on" loads of different styles as well, including plenty I didn't think I'd like, just for comparison's sake.

Maybe you've never seen me in glasses before, ha ha! I usually wear contact lenses. x K

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Socks on Rocks!

Here's a pair of boot-socks for me made in Regia Crazy Color 6 faedig, shade "Passion". Wheet whew! Who knew such passion could be found in thick socks?

The pattern is called Prism and is a slip-stitch pattern by Jaya Srikrishnan and is available as a free download on Ravelry or via this link over at Socknitters. The pattern is written for 4-ply so I had to do some adjustments and trial-and-error on that first leg.

One small modification: I continued slipping every third stitch on the heel flap although I didn't let the slipped stitches float, I purled them up the next row, whereas elsewhere on the pattern you stitch them up after three rows.

This was my first time knitting a sock on two circulars and it worked out pretty well apart from times when I wasn't paying close enough attention to which needle end I grabbed and ended up in contortions. I think next time I'm knitting a thicker sock I'll try the magic loop method. BTW I say thicker sock because I don't have any circs below, say 3mm.

Thanks for your kind comments on here and via email on my Simply Sausage lace socks in the last post. x K
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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Simply Lovely Lace Socks # Take Two

Ok, to quickly get you up to speed.

In 2006 I started a pair of Simply Lovely Lace Socks by Karen Baumer from Interweave Knits Spring 2006 in Opal Uni yarn.
I knitted two at once on lots of dpns until the cuff was as long as I wanted for ankle socks, then laid them to the one side for a-a-a-ages, having fallen out of love with socks again, and not having enjoyed knitting into the back of every knit stitch.

In summer 2007 I decided to give them a new lease of life and made them into fingerless gloves for myself, which actually involved quite a lot of knitting the lace pattern I hadn't enjoyed, and a lot of fudging and making it happen, but I was very happy with the results.

Now fast forward to summer 2008 when during a sock binge I realised that I hadn't actually ever worn my fingerless gloves for real, only in poses for blog posts/ Flickr.
So I fished them out, frogged the handy and thumby bit of the glove, rolled that crazy, tangly stuff and put it aside and did what I should've done in the first place, which was knit on the rest of the sock in stocking stitch. Dunno why that option didn't occur to me last year, maybe just because I was so out of the sock knitting mentality. Fortunately I had plenty of the Opal Uni left.

I am delighted with the results, and they will get much more wear out of these sockazitos than from a pair of opera gloves.

Here are a few photos for your perusal. Two things to look out for are 1) Look at all of the autumn leaves starting to hit the grass and 2) Look at my sausagey feet in the second-last photo. It was taken at a weird angle, but my feet and ankles are very sausagey in real life as well, I must confess.

Thank-you for the kind comments about last week's Dark Galaxy socks. x K