Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Have you got a better idea now?

Ok, you didn't get it, my Mirasol yarn is going to become a narrower version of the ever-popular Clapotis!
Who says I succumb to the power of subliminal advertising?
Did you know that on Ravelry there are *2007 finished Clapotis, 53 frogged, 102 hibernating, 509 in progress, and 1832 in queues waiting to be started? Phenomenal. And that's just on Ravelry!
*All prices correct at time of going to press.
I picked up a great tip actually- instead of using tons of stitch markers I am using a purl stitch, I am only using a marker for the start and end of each row until the pattern gets established.
I also got hold of a great tick-sheet. Do this, do that, now do this, repeat. It's certainly made things a lot easier because I never found that a very accessible pattern, always found it awkward the way the photos cut across the text etc. Much like my blog really, although I always spend time trying things out and previewing. The published version never looks anything like the preview.
Enough moaning, off to do a few rows then getting together with family. Yay!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some yarns are so lovely...

...you could just wear the skein round your neck as a necklace.

Mirasol Hacho x 4 skeins
Sapphire-Jade #304

Bought at John Lewis.

I wonder, I just wonder if you can guess what it's going to become?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October Holiday

Specks on the landscape!

Can you DH in silhouette at the top of the hill, looking for an ideal picnic spot?

Can you see me making my way up the hill in my pumpkin jumper?
I had just stopped to look at the sea birds, good move if you're out of breath.
Can you see DH's shadow as he waits at the top for me?
We often find the weather during the October week and at Easter better than during the actual summer holidays, for some reason.
Happy Knitting! x K

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oak Leaf Shawl

Here's the finished Oak Leaf (Shoulder) Shawl kicking its way through the autumn leaves in Alexandra Park.
This is going to be a present for my sister who is making a good recovery from a recent operation.
She tells me she has been getting out for a short walk every day so hopefully she can wear this to keep away the autumn draughts, without having too much bulk around the neck- see, you can make the fact it's tiny sound almost deliberate, with a bit of reframing!
You can see it looks quite snuggerific on my jacket and I quite like the cowl thing that's happening in the second picture.
I am a much bigger build than my sister, so it will drape around her neck and a little bit of shoulder just nicely.
Thank you for all your kind comments so far. x K

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sneak preview

Sneak preview of Oak Leaf Evening Shawl blocking on the trusty white towel.

It's finished, I love it, and it's t-i-n-y!

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How come....?

How come I checked out the yardage required for the Oak Leaf Evening Shawl,
and found it to be 500-600 yards,
which meant I didn't have anything suitable in the stash,
so went out and bought 5 balls of Rowan Tapestry (5 x 120m),
knitted the shawl (which is tiny)
and was left with two balls and two 2/3 balls
(i.e. 3 and 1/3 balls left)?????

Who said yarn substitution was easy?

Bet you I had something just dandy in the stash all along!
Off to find measuring tape to do some calculations.
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Friday, October 05, 2007

Madonna of the Yarn Winder

Leonardo's da Vinci's stolen Madonna of the Yarn Winder has been recovered!

You've got to love a painting called Madonna with the Yarn Winder, and this is particularly good for regular visitors to Dumfries and Galloway.

See the report on the BBC.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beautiful things

How do you like my two new yarn purchases?

Shame you can't touch them because they feel brilliant.

Shame you can't sniff them, well, because more of us do than the public at large would tend to realise :-)

They are Old Maiden Aunt Laceweight Merino in Bramble Jelly and Neptune's Daughter colourways and they have a whopping 1600 yarns per skein.
Purchased from here .
And I am loving Ravelry. What a genius idea.

I can foresee some gorgeous shawls in the future.