Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fern by Kim Hargreaves, Rowan 36. I do actually really like Kid Classic, but I wanted to use something from the stash, so sparkly Jaeger Odessa it is! Posted by Picasa

Jaeger Odessa mohair blend. The colour is quite true in this fuzzy pic. Posted by Picasa

Stitch and Bitch

The Stitch and Bitch group I go to was on tonight. For the moment we are meeting every second Tuesday in Cafe Nero in St. Vincent St, Glasgow and every second Sunday in the Tramway Theatre Cafe. There were loads there tonight (about ten) and there was lots going on such as a spinning lesson from India, everyone cooing over Lillith's Kool Aid dyed Feather and Fan stole, and over my end at least, loads of Rowan patterns.
I wasn't really in the mood for knitting on my sock tonight, so I took some Rowan myself, my Fern cardigan from book 36. I think Rowan 38 is pretty dross really, so it sent me delving into the archives to find something wearable, and stash bustable. Behold; Fern wrapover cardigan by Kim Hargreaves, which threatens to still be quite fashionable this coming winter. I am knitting it in Jaeger Odessa which I bought from Black Sheep last time the HobbyCrafts Fair came to the SECC. So far it's easy but there is a bit on one of the front I'll have to mull over, I think it's something to do with making the ties for the wrapover. For the time being I have one back and 1/3 sleeve. Slow progress simply because I have so many other things on the go at the same time.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Romantic Valentine's stash building visit. Posted by Picasa

Is it Our Lady of Good Counsel, or is it Phildar Rivage? Posted by Picasa

Is it the Mitchell library or is Phildar Rivage? Posted by Picasa

low maintenance knitting

Whenever I go to knitting meet-ups my knitting of choice is something very low maintenance so I can ooh and aah over everyone's show and tell without having to frog the knitting when I get back.
In the summer I knitted this scarf made from Phildar Rivage. DH had taken me on a romantic trip to Paris for Valentine's Day and I somehow managed to factor in enough time to visit Le Bon Marche, http://www.lebonmarche.fr/

I did my usual and bought three balls of each yarn which a)I love b)can't get at home.
One of my purchases was some Phildar. Firstly, I loved the colour. It reminded me of verdigris roofs like my church and the Mitchell library. Also I heard green was going to be big all summer (I heard right).

I made this bias scarf up as I went along (urbanDK) and interrupted the stocking stitch with a garter row every 10 rows to highlight the bias nature. It's had plenty of wear and I sometimes top it off with a black "sweater/ shawl fastening" from getknitted.

Just thought I'd tell you all of this!

Bias scarf in Phildar Rivage ribbon yarn Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

I made up the pattern as I went along (urbanDK) but the stitch pattern is Fern Diamonds from Debbie Bliss How to Knit.

back of lilac Jaeger bag Posted by Picasa

I like pictures!

Hello, and welcome, particularly if you have come visiting via Heather's blog. http://dollydimpleknits.prettyposies.com/
Soon the parks are going to be over-run by zealous knitters fighting over the most photogenic bushes.

Anyway, when I am browsing blogs I like looking at lots of pictures, so I'm taking the liberty to show you a bag I finished a while back. Like the green bag from last weekend's post the knitting on this was finished ages ago but it didn't get a lining for months and months. The yarn itself was Jaeger Aqua Cotton which I got from a charity shop so it cost next to nothing.
(Have you noticed you don't get the same quantity or quality of yarn in charity shops now? I think folk are less likely to get rid of it now as they maybe know someone who has caught the bug in the resurgence of knitting, or of course, there are the good old auction sites to recoup a bob or two for unwanted items.)
I got the fabric lining and the big button in old faithful John Lewis. I put the satiny lining on the outside so it looks a bit shiny through the pattern gaps and I put the textured suedette side on the inside. I am happy with the way it all turned out and I like my wee matching purse. To be fair it can only cope with lightweight stuff, preferably not too lumpy!

Jaeger Aqua Cotton bag with suedette lining Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cockle shell 1ply Shetland scarf

What do you think of my latest e-bay purchase?
I hadn't been on e-bay for ages due to a problem last year. (I was stung by a spoof e-mail which stole all my data and I had to change my bank details. Not good. Luckily I was on my October break from work so I could stop it all before anything nefarious had happened. Beware!)
Anyway, I decided to rejoin recently and have totally changed the way I register and pay for things. While I was browsing for yarn (like I need yarn) I saw this lovely scarf from Bixter, Shetland from seller eok458.
I sometimes buy hand knitted items from people, but not something that I woulda coulda shoulda knitted myself. Well, I wouldn't know where to begin knitting this one so I was happy enough to buy it.
I love it now it has arrived! It is so fine and detailed and delicate. The seller also had one in baby blue but I went for classic black. It must have taken so much time and effort to make. I got it for £15. Really.

Close up of Shetland 1ply scarf Posted by Picasa

I did not knit this scarf! Posted by Picasa

Art 2 Go, Castle Douglas

When I was posting about my mittens done in sock yarn I mentioned the Gem Shop in Castle Douglas. This shop is now known as Art 2 Go.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Totally undoctored picture of the Quiraing, Skye. Posted by Picasa

Skye adventures

These are the types of scenes and colours I wanted to represent in the wool. Yes, this is Skye, Scotland. Can you believe it? Stunning place, this summer was my first visit. We had glorious weather and I was so impressed. Could have stayed much longer than a week.
Don't know what I'll do with this yarn but I'm thinking beret, gloves maybe.
By the way, I was just thinking, isn't it funny how quickly you get used to posing yarn and FO's on bedcovers, towels and bushes etc!

Coral Beach, near Dunvegan, Skye Posted by Picasa

Yarn from Shilasdair, Waternish, Skye

This is the yarn I was telling you about yesterday. Dyed with natural pigments like lichen, indigo, roots and things. I could have bought tons of things but you can't have everything you want, eh? I thought it was a bit silly to blab on about it without showing you.

Shilasdair Yarn cashmere/angora/lambswool Posted by Picasa

A real blog, with comments and everything!

Thanks everyone for getting my blog up and running.
Quite a few of you have dropped by already and there are comments and everything!
I've been given a loving but stern warning not to go on about my mistakes, :-) but I'll just say it is a steep learning curve with the software and the digital camera, so thanks for bearing with my quirks.
Thanks for the comments, they are inspiring me to stick in at it.
The callers so far seem to be largely Rowanettes, Glasgow Knitting meetup pals http://knitting.meetup.com/137/, incredulous family members and those who have stumbled upon it in other ways.
Welcome one and all.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Felted hat

This is my last show and tell of the day. Probably. Maybe.
It is a hat I bought from Shilasdair yarn shop on my summer holiday to Skye.

They use natural dyes from plants growing in their wee garden and dye them onsite. Great place to visit, take your credit card, or a set sum in cash if you are wise.

I also bought some yarn from them, as you do. Some undyed sheep coloured creamy-grey colour as well as blue, green and orange. Haven't decided what to do with it yet but I love the Skye colours. Creamy sheep, grey rocks and hills, green hills, blue blue blue skies and sea when we were there and orange sunsets. Or so I believe, I didn't stay up late enough to see one, I just liked the orange as a tonic. The yarn is 20% Cashmere, 40%Angora, 40% Lambswool. Really should post a pic.

Felted hat bought from Shilasdair Posted by Picasa

Ribbon Twist bag

This bag is not a recently FO but if you're taking your knitted stuff about in a handmade bag you may as well take a pic. It is one of many bags I have knitted but unlike most of the others, it isn't felted.
It was knitted in Rowan Ribbon Twist with a trim of Jaeger Fur. I just made the pattern up as I went along. (urbanDK) I managed to get a remnant of cotton in the bargain bin at John Lewis to line it.
Last year when I was at the Hobbycraft and Creative Stitches Fair at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre I was lucky enough to win a very basic sewing machine in a raffle run by Cancer Research. Afterwards I had an orgy of sewing linings and things for knitted items, which was fabby because I was then able to use things that had been sitting nearly ready for ages, like this green bag.

bag lining Posted by Picasa

Moss Stitch Ribbon Twist bag Posted by Picasa


Another recent project was a pair of mittens using a modified version of a pattern I bought from Sue at www.getknitted.com
I modified the pattern a bit because I was using Schoeller & Stahl's Limbo Mexiko which is recommended for 3-4mm needles, as opposed to the pattern which was written for normal fine sock yarn.
I was pleased with the way the mitts turned out in general, but I had to do a bit of tweaking to stop the top of the fingers being too pointy. The slope is still slightly too severe for my tastes, if I made them again I'd alter them. I'm sure this isn't a problem with the pattern as written, just if you are doctoring it and are rubbish at sums.
I bought the yarn for this in the Gem Shop, King Street, Castle Douglas which is near where my mother-in-law lives. When we go to see her it has become a bit of routine to go for lunch at Designs cafe on King St as well, go and visit m-i-l and then go to the Gem Shop to see if they have any new yarns in.

Mittens in sock yarn Posted by Picasa

Branching Out

This is one of my recently finished objects.
It's the Branching Out scarf from Knitty Spring 2005.

I did it in the discontinued Rowan yarn DK Soft, which is a lovely yarn I bought about three years ago from McAree Brothers in Stirling.

The pattern is described as a good next step from knitting and purling. Well, I tell you what, if I was just progressing from knitting and purling I'd have chucked that pattern after about three rows. Patience and tenacity are not my strong points. Anyway it was fine as I'm a bit more experienced than that, but I did use my flourescent sticky tape to help me keep my place. I enjoyed working from a chart for a change.
I completed this on my recent trip to Skye in July.

Close up of Branching Out Posted by Picasa

Branching Out Scarf Posted by Picasa

My "garden"

One thing I like when browsing blogs, which is a more or less a daily occurence, is the convention of posting pictures of finished objects out in the daylight in the garden.
Well, I don't have a garden, just a very utilitarian (mingin') drying green so I decided to get out to my local park to take a few pics. This attracted a few smiles and looks, get used to it folks, it could become a semi-regular habit.
So this is Alexandra Park. Enjoy!

Alexandra Park gates Posted by Picasa

Guess who I met yesterday?

Yesterday as part of the Gourmet Glasgow event all this month I met the lovely Jean Christophe Novelli!

He was doing a demonstration in George Square of one of his signature dishes, lamb with chicken mousse and blue cheese. Smelled lovely even from a distance of 100 yds or so. Afterwards he was signing books and he did that thing which really charming people do, you know, although all he is saying is "Thanks for coming," he looks at you as if you are the most important person in the world for those few seconds. Can't wait to tell my French pupils at school tomorrow.
Oh yes, and he asked me out. Well, he asked me if I would be eating out in Glasgow this weekend which is obviously a hint. Must email him to firm up the arrangements.

Nick Nairn went on to give a demonstration too, but I didn't stay long as it was turned out such a beautiful day I was concerned about sunburn. Besides, he was cooking scallops and I don't eat sea food so there was nothing I was desperate to find out.

I also saw, from a distance mind, Brian Maule of Le Chardon d'Or which is a gorgeous place to go for a special occasion. http://www.bestglasgowrestaurants.com/restaurants/?chardon
Brian (first name terms, best buddies) was providing food samples later in the day, but if I had stayed on I would have been served up as beetroot garnish as the sun was so strong.
Besides, the smell of all that yummy food and seeing it on the stage and big screens was making me ravenous so I went up to John Lewis for a spot of lunch and a wee browse.

I was wanting to see if the RYC Classic Weekend had hit the shop yet. I know it's available from some online shops now but I don't actually want to buy the thing, I just want to look at the pattern for the mitred squares which crop up as a throw and a stole in that book. Looks like a fabby stash-busting technique.
This is a very new blog so it may take some time to cover the stash situation!
Anyway they don't have it yet and I didn't want to disturb Carol Meldrum, the Rowan consultant, as she was teaching someone to knit at the time. Sure it will be there soon as all the other RYCs are in stock. Lots of pretty stuff, but I won't be rushing to buy them as there are no must-haves.

Hope to take some photos off my recent projects to post later today. Looks a lovely day again so will try to get out and enjoy it.

learning to use blogger

Ok, I am determined to learn how to use this blog!
With a bit of trial and experimentation I hope to share with you all sorts of drivel about knitting!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rowan International Members Forum Edgy Exchange

There are lots of things wrong with the way these blog entries are working out, such as they are in the opposite order from the one I want, and every little thing I say ends up as a new entry, but I am so thrilled to be actually blogging and seeing it spring into life, I am happy to go with it for now, and learn the ropes as I go along!

So, I obviously knitted for someone for the exchange. I knitted for Sarah, I don't think she has a blog.
I made her a hot water bottle cover from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran as I thought it would be lovely and soft. As members of Rowan International we are given free patterns each month as a members' benefit. Lots of them are available in other publications such as magazines or to whet your appetite for forthcoming books. That was the case with a child's lacy jumper last year, it was from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots. I really liked that pattern but never had the occasion to make it, so I took the flower motif from it as the centre of the hot water bottle cover. As it was the "Edgy Exchange" I used a repeating leaf pattern I got from Debbie Bliss' How to Knit.
I had some wool and some time left so I made a coat hanger cover with the same edging too, to round off the prezzie.
I really enjoyed taking part in the exchange and have been really impressed at the gifts winging their way across the world, as seen on www.picturetrail.com in the rowaninternational section.

Fuzzy picture of leaf detail Posted by Picasa

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran Hot Water Bottle Cover Posted by Picasa

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran Coathanger Posted by Picasa
For the second year running I have taken part in the exchange programme run by some of the members of the Rowan International forum. This year the theme was "Edgy Exchange" and we found out a bit about another knitter who could be far or near. We know who we are knitting for, but we do not know who is knitting for us, it's quite exciting.
There are a few kind knitters who take the time and trouble to arrange this, and one of them is my "Exchange Mom" Emma. http://www.emma.prettyposies.com
I received this bag made from Noro Blossom from Marjorie in Hong Kong and sent all the way to me in Scotland. Not only is the bag beautifully knitted but the finishing and the lining are also done to perfection. To see other examples of Marjorie's work go to http://hkknitter.blogs.com/home/

Beautiful Noro bag from Marjorie Posted by Picasa

Our pup Concepcion Posted by Picasa