Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seeking closure

Firstly, thank-you for your kind comments about the Stoney vest and the Twilley's cardigan.

I've made this wee corsage as a closure for the blue cardigan. I knitted a square in the main yarn then felted it by distressing the bahoochie (sp?) out of it by alternating between boiling and very cold water. Did the trick very quickly, but you will observe the colour change which happened in the process. Not just lighter shades of the main colours, but the nature of the colours is altered. I kinda like it. Sort of rustic or naive or something. It's an homage to something I once saw in a shop.

Of course, if I had knitted a swatch, ha ha ha I could've felted it. It has a brooch pin from Get Knitted on the back.

Happy Knitting. x K

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Breezy and Bunchy

That wind would blaw the buckles aff yer shin!


Here are some shots of my latest finished object.

Sirdar Jacket 8750, supposed to be done in Country Style DK, in fact done in Twilley's Freedom Spirit , colourway 506, eight balls.

It has been on the go for some time because I was not feeling the love for it anymore. It started when I didn't like the way the variegated yarn was pooling and striping. I mean, I know you can expect a degree of that but I didn't like THE WAY it was pooling and striping, not the fact.

I persevered through this and got ready to knit up all the rib stitches round the back, fronts and neck. I didn't have the pattern with me (you can see where this is going, can't you?) so I didn't pick up the appropriate amount of stitches. If any of you are writing a knitting book, call on me and I'll give you some pictures of how not picking up enough stitches causes bunching, pleating, puckering, the lot. Don't waste your money on getting a photographer in.

If I wanted the cardigan for something special I would've ripped and rectified, but I just made do. I know the thought of that makes some of you readers' flesh creep, but I can live with it. Maybe some day I'll feel enough distance to go back and fix it, but it's quite a big job.

In the meantime I am needing something nice to close it with. I haven't seen anything in the shops which ticks the boxes so I'm endeavouring to make my own with some leafy and flowery shapes I've cut out from the swatch, felted. If it turns out well, I'll show you in a couple of days' time.

Happy Bank Holiday wishes from a very breezy Galloway district! x K

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Introducing Stoney the Waistcoat

Here's my new waistcoat Stoney Rowan 43 designed by Lisa Richardson.

Made using 6 balls of the discontinued Jonelle Knitting Cotton DK which I bought from John Lewis when I first got back into knitting, I think we're talking the year 2000 here. Has been maturing in my stash for eight years or so, he he. I do like the colour, it's a warm pinky browny shade aptly called Rosewood. I was left with 2 or 3 metres left after the edging, which was lucky. I wasn't panicking too much because I have more balls of the same yarn quality in a toning colour which I could have edged it with if the worse had come to the worst.

I like it and I've enjoyed making it. One thing I can't get my head round though. There's short row shaping to get the curved look on the left and right fronts. So far so good. BUT there is a definite texture to the waistcoat, with garter ridges every four rows so the short rows look weirdly staggered. Wouldn't make it again with that feature.

It has a mock opening, you sew down both layers of the fabric and pull the waistcoat on over your head. I used some Rowan buttons I got from Get Knitted. (Rowan Metal Heart 15mm 00037). I'm also pleased with the fit. The sun's in my eyes in some pictures, sorry for looking grim!
Oh yeah, and I'd spell it Stony, but the book says Stoney, WWWWWhatever.