Friday, July 20, 2007

Crochet shopping bag

Here's something I finished off on holiday- a bag made from my haul of Sirdar Indigo cotton yarn I got at the SECC in 2005- I'm slowly but surely working my way through it.

This took 3 balls of the Dark Denim shade and one ball of Light Denim. I hadn't really planned on having the light colour up at the top again but the fact that I was on Mull and my stash was in Glasgow meant that I had to tweak my plans a bit.

It really wasn't a problem with this style of bag, but I really must start to make sure I have the right stitch count after each row. I think I am not stitching into the last stitch of each row on a consistent basis. It probably looks pretty much deliberate because of the way the handles pull the top in, but the pieces are parallelograms, not rectangles as originally planned. Edit- not parallelograms- trapeziums/ trapezia?

The handles are Rowan bamboo ones. The denim yarn is starting to take on that weathered look after a vigorous 60 degree wash.
Nice for swanning around the town shopping with. Happy crafting. x K
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Sarah said...

That's a great bag! I like the light blue at top, I think it works. I do the same thing with crochet, I have to always count the stitches to be sure they are all worked.

soCherry said...

Looks really lovely - very neat :) Love the colours - crochet is so perfect for bags!

I always think when I get to the last stitch that it's from the row below and shouldn't be crocheted, but a stitch count always proves me wrong!

Sandra said...

Oh, love it, love it, love it! Unfortunatelly, crocheting is (almost) total mistery to me!!!!

hege said...

What a great bag! It looks perfect with the repetition of the light color!