Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cheer up bouquet

What do you think of my back-to-work-cheer-me-up bouquet?
I got these on Saturday at
Partick Farmers Market
from the Willie's Lilies stall.
Aren't they beautiful?

The more observant among you will notice a small green padlock to the left of the grate- yes a wanton stitch marker.
It's strange the way I see things so much more clearly in photographs than in real life. Maybe I should walk about with a view-finder.
Please understand I am not in agonies that a stray stitch marker is lying around my otherwise immaculate home- oh how we laughed. It gives that extra knitters' appeal anyway. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lilies! I'm your 35,000th visitor by the way!


Flavaknits said...

Consider the lily indeed! I can almost smell the scent - how lovely they look!

Isobel said...

I'll admit it, I had to enlarge to see the marker, I turned 50 this year and the eyes just don't work they way they used to - and yes I was wearing my glasses.

Was wondering what part of Glasgow you are in, I was born in Blackhill, but moved to Dilmarnock (just before Rutherglen) and then to Cumbernauld.