Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October Holiday

Specks on the landscape!

Can you DH in silhouette at the top of the hill, looking for an ideal picnic spot?

Can you see me making my way up the hill in my pumpkin jumper?
I had just stopped to look at the sea birds, good move if you're out of breath.
Can you see DH's shadow as he waits at the top for me?
We often find the weather during the October week and at Easter better than during the actual summer holidays, for some reason.
Happy Knitting! x K


yvette said...

What a lovely view, enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Susi said...

I would also have that view. In 2005 I visited Scotland and in 2003 Eire. It was so lovely. I love these landscapes and the sea!!
many greetings from Austria. Susi

Sarah said...

October skies are so gorgeous! Hope the rest of your vacation is just as beautiful!

roddy said...

can jus see it's you if i reaally squint my eyes...looks like you had some nice weather...

Flavaknits said...

Looks gorgeous! Autumn has been great so far, my fave season (especially after the drookit summer we had)

Wee Minty said...

Hey Kathleen - it's the stranger!

Been catching up on blogs and I see you have been busy. (lol, nothing new there then.)

Hope to catch you soon.