Sunday, August 31, 2008

Something to "plank"

DH and I have decided to have a "recession proof" Christmas.

The upside of this is it is very liberating and lifts the obligation to buy a few extra not really wanted gifts just because the pile looks too small. One or two handmade or lovingly selected presents shared in our own home.
The downside is, well there isn't really a downside, there will be other years to splash out !
You never know, I may even accomplish some stash-busting.
I must find a place to store these Christmas socks now where I will remember where I put them. I don't need to find too inventive a hiding place because he has seen them and tried them on several times for the custom fit.
These are knitted in Regia Galaxy in Granit purchased from GetKnitted. Each sock used about 40g worth of yarn. I'm really pleased with them because they are a good balance of sober enough to wear but with a little visual interest to keep the knitter sane. The yarn feels lovely too.
The sock-binge continues and I should have some lady socks to show you soon. Happy Knitting x K


Flavaknits said...

And very lovely they are too!
I hope to have some lady socks ready soon too!

Sandra said...

great. love it!

soCherry said...

that's such a nice colourway - I saw an ad for it in some knitting mag and thought it was a cool idea.

TangledFrog said...

Love the patterning of the colours! He's a lucky boy to have that pressie waiting for him!

drenka said...

the colorway is wonderfull."I am waiting to see the lady socks.