Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arrivederci Girasole

Major headaches with the beautiful Brooklyn Tweed pattern Girasole. His version is in 4 ply or Aran. My nightmares began when I tried to do it in laceweight. Not having any success in spite of dozens of attempts, rip backs, fudges and wasted yarn. Yarn good, pattern good. I can't get the combo to work though. Will revisit both yarn and pattern later, just not together. x K


drenka said...

I really love lace yarns and lace patterns, but I am afraid that it is too thin for me. I enjoy when projects are going quick, opposite of lace projects when progress is very slow..

Sandra said...

Hope youl'' find perfect combination! I saw her pattern (I think Jared is she not he - but not 100% sure) and is really piece of beauty!
Fingers crossed!