Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three steps forward, two steps back.

I've picked up my Sea Ishbel in Old Maiden Aunt Bamboo Blend again.

I've been enjoying making it, getting into a good rhythm with the pattern and enjoying seeing the motifs progress, and the yarn is lustrous and a pleasure to work with.

I've been trying to ignore a nagging feeling that the small size is turning out too small to be practical for me and have soldiered on and done the transition and edging charts.

I just can't get away from it, it's awfy awfy wee, even taking potential blocking into account. I've shown it next to a KEDkrafty-sized T-shirt for scale. In pictures two and three it's meant to be one row away from completion.

So I've taken the tough decision to pull it back to the end of the main section and repeat sections B and A again, maybe even several times. The thing which has really been the deciding factor is- look how much yarn I've got left! The ball had 380 yards at the outset and the small-sized Ishbel apparently takes 330. I feel as if I'm left with far more than 50 yards. Feels more like 50g than 50 yds! Unfortunately my digital scale is in the flat, and I am not.

It's a slight pain, but I'll probably thank myself in the long run for having a more usable scarf and for making the most of the lovely yarn. I must have admitted this possibility on some level because, most unlike me, I put in a life-line after the last chart A.

Off to do some frogging and re-knitting. Good job I like knitting. x K


Paula said...

It looks lovely inspite of the troubles.

Flavaknits said...

What lovely colours , and well done you for taking the brave decision. I will def be using lifelines in my next lace project!

Anonymous said...

Ah, bummer that you need to do some frogging but I'm sure it will be lovely in the end!