Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playing with hexagons

My crafty energy has recently been going into playing with some hexagons cut from Christmassy fabrics.
I've decided on the pattern and it's going to be dubbed something like 'Poinsettias in the Snow', that is red flowers with green leaves on a creamy/gold background.
Here is a wee sketchy layout. Don't worry if you see things like identical fabrics side-by-side or other clashes, it's just to help
me visualise the basic outline. DH helped me with the physical laying out and his keen aesthetic eye too.
I've made a few refinements since then and it's shaping up nicely. The four main flowers are sewn with their leaves attached and the green lozenge in the middle is done with its light row around it.
Yes, hexagons are a bit fiddly to work with, but these babies are 5 1/2" each, so they aren't quite as tricky.
Making progress and I'm sure it will be ready for Christmas 2011. Well, when I say sure... x K


soCherry said...

I love the theme - you can see it clearly in the quilt - hmmm.... *starts to wonder if I should try quilting* :D

Sandra said...

Congratulations on those hexes! I know I would go nuts!