Thursday, July 16, 2015

Revitalised Jeans Socks

 I've been going through some piles in various places round the house and decided to get rid of some project bags.
Some projects have ended up dum dum dum in the bin, yes, the actual bin.
I'll be in town tomorrow so I'll be dropping off some yarn to the charity shop.
So, I decided to tackle a project which has been sitting in the living room basket for ages.
When I first knitted these Jeans Socks in 2005 I didn't know much about yarn and knitted the cuffs, heels and toes in a soft Sirdar yarn which was unsuitable in the long run and showed signs of wear and tear much sooner than the proper Opal sock yarn.
I took them apart a couple of years ago and left them sitting, but I've finally refreshed them with the original yarn. Sock one came apart when I took the dodgy heel out so when I had redone the heel I had to graft the whole top to the whole bottom. I managed to avoid that with sock two and only had to to graft the top half.
Quite chuffed I managed to get reasonable pattern-matching with the yarn I had left.
By the way, I'm blogging again, as you can see! x K

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