Monday, September 25, 2006

The easy way to five-a-day!

If you want to give yourself a head-start on your healthy living regime by kicking off your morning with a massive fruity injection to your Five-a-day plan then follow these simple steps:

A) Arrange a local bank holiday.
B) Head to a countryside location.
C) Go bramble picking, just like scarybez .
D) Collect a good couple of handfuls, but leave some for the birdies.
E) Blitz them in the blender/ smoothie maker, with other fruity delights.
F) ENJOY! aaaaah.
You can almost smell the antioxidants.

As a complement why not try something not quite as healthy, but equally yummy. Socherry always inspires with her home-baked cakes from Cupcakes Galore so I followed her lead and bought that and its sister publication Cookies Galore . My first recipe was Citrus Cream Clouds, or in my case, Citrus Cream Stars. Yummy! If the others turn out that well, we'll be laughing.

In knitting, I have decided to join in the Charity Mitt Knit in aid of Childline, as seen over at K1 yarns. I am following the pattern for medium sized ladies' fingerless mitts, and I'm using Rowan Kid Classic in an olive colour. A nice fast knit, and I don't think I'll need anything like the full 100g recommended. Yes the backpack and boots are mine, I AM knitting on a picnic mid hillwalk!

And in yarn bargains, Twilley's Freedom Spirit is only £2.79 per ball in Galloway Gems, Castle Douglas, AND they have a new yarn range called Sublime. Bought 14 of the former, none of the latter. Yet. (Laughs demonically.)


Anonymous said...

Mmmm... that smoothie looks lovely & very healthy. I made mine into a not so healthy pie. I mixed the berries with some myrtles (sp?) in syrup I brought back from France and made a shortcrust pastry base using half normal plain flour and half chestnut flour my parents gave me from Corsica. And it actually tasted ok!

Anonymous said...

Cookies were mighty fine. As for the smoothies...

Cheers KK.


roddy said...

smooothy was great!!....doubt if there will be any blackberries left next time we are down...have just heard on radio that we've had the warmest september since 1689 or something....fabby cookies too...folk that don't know balcary might be wondering where the tower just round the corner...anyhoo chat soon

knitabulous said...

In Australia they call it '7 a day' - almost impossible! Fresh picked berries are one of life's very special treats. Lucky you.