Sunday, September 17, 2006

Spot the difference!

The first picture is my stash April 2006, before the yarn diet. The second one was the stash this morning. Not a mega amount of visible difference except there is now one more box and even less daylight getting in through the spare room window, but no overspill sitting on top. The great difference unseen to the naked eye is that if you open a box labelled say "Rowan cotton and cotton blends", you will find exactly that, nothing more, nothing less. What I'm trying to say is that it now does what it says on the tin rather than fighting my way through random extras stuffed in each box out of the way. I've been through my stash over the last couple of days because the Glasgow Knitting Meetup is having a SWAP SHOP today!!!!! Wonder who's superb idea that was?

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alltangledup said...

The problem with swaps is that I always come home with something. I have really really tried to contain the stash growth, but the hot summer and ridiculous work hours have not helped to contain the growing piles of yarn.