Sunday, December 17, 2006

Half Dome

Well, I couldn't see any problem myself about doing Half Dome from summer 2006 Knitty in the round, but I just wanted a little bit of affirmation because I don't have time for avoidable blunders at this time of year!
Thanks for your thoughts.
If any of you decide to do it in the round I would recommend doing ALL of the decreases one stitch in from the marker. The pattern factors in the loss of a half stitch or full stitch on each side of the seam when sewing up your backstitch or mattress stitch and places the first and last dec two stitches in.
An easy enjoyable knit in Jaeger 100% merino aran, which was a pleasant change after wasting loads of time and money on Friday and Saturday on some DB Alpaca Silk which tangled, frayed, knotted, shed and stained my support gloves with dye loss. It has been rewound into a million tiny balls now, so no way of taking it back. Just FYI I was trying out centre square from the new Knitty in the DB.
Oh well, now I have a nice smart, seam-free, natural fibre hat for my friend in plenty of time (ha ha) for Santa.Thank you! x K

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Nora said...

Cute hat! Shame about the DB though.