Saturday, December 09, 2006

Like many blogsters, I'm a bit limited as to what I can show you at the moment, but I can show you this side to side scarf for a young relative of DH, who does not read this blog. I enjoyed making this, it was a pleasant quick knit, and I'm glad I was taken by the idea of the whimsical funky chunky crocheted flowers on the ends. Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure, but good for a young teen. And yes, yarns snobs ;-) it IS a wool b*l*e*n*d, again because it's for a carefree young person. :-) Posted by Picasa


heather said...

Blend or not it's lovely colours ! And if you like side to side scarves have you seen the one on (see her entry for Oct 26th) - it's on my list !

Mhairi said...

I remember paying 17 quid for a side to side scarf - i doesn't even touch yours Kathleen - love the crocheted flowers.
I'm doing one for a 3 year old so its pom poms all the way!