Saturday, September 29, 2007

European Day of Languages

At last, something pleasant happening in our new school!

We had fun with Gypsy Kings music in the cafes, flags everywhere, multi-lingual menus, French breakfasts, tapas, Innocent Sangria, poster competitions, ice cream tastings, donations from local supermarkets, internet links with our European neighbours and music music music everywhere.

Great day for a certain person to be starting her German lessons.

And then my mobile got stolen.
Surely we're going to turn a corner in that place sometime soon?
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Midsummer night's knitter said...

That's sure bad news about your phone :0(
On the German side, I am trying to figure out wht the instructions under this box, the ones which say you can use some tags, are in German....

Sarah said...

ugh. It's a little reminder you have to stay on guard sometimes, isn't that too bad?

soCherry said...

boo for thieves :(
Hopefully karma'll get 'em.

Glad you had a good day a school :)

Flavaknits said...

I love the gypsy Kings - when I was pregnant with Lewis, he would start birling about when that music was played - happy memories!
Sorry about the mobile - some things never change !