Friday, September 21, 2007

Mighty Oaks ...

...from little acorns grow.

Thanks to India I can now get my head round the main part of the pattern for the Oak Leaf shawl. She patiently sat and tutored me as I had a go at a practice swatch at Sunday's knitting meetup.

I knew she was the very woman to help, having admired her version for some time.

I did my practice swatch in some Rowan Scottish Tweed, shade 29 which I've been using as a contrast on Miller from A Yorkshire Fable under India's firm but caring gaze. The Scottish Tweed looks nothing like the colour in the Rowan pop-
up and would actually have been ideal for the shawl, except I needed to keep it for the rest of the detail on my Miller.

So, I've plumped for this lovely blend of greens and rusts in the "Rustic" colourway of Rowan Tapestry and I think they really suit this pattern, resembling as it does an autumnal oak tree on the turn. And yes, the similarity between the colours of this, and the Green Man in the last post, are not lost on me.

I am now motoring with this, but I must say I could've sat poring over the pattern until doomsday without the penny dropping.

Thank goodness for knitting friends who can show you the ropes. @-;---


Midsummer night's knitter said...

's looking good - can't see any green in my browser, mind you ;0)

Lina said...

Another beautiful shawl in the making! I think the yarn is lovely!

yvette said...

Your shawl looks lovely in that yarn, I love that pattern, I am currently knitting my 4th one.

carol said...

Jeesh I wish I lived closer - I too cannot seem to fathom out that pattern for the life of me. It is looking lovely in the tapesty there Kathleen. Maybe it is time for me to get it out again and have another go.

heather said...

That's lovely Kathleen - think I like it better than the green actually.

Heather x