Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 Year of Colour!

After enjoying dabbling with lace for eighteen months or so, and dabbling with stocking stitch cardigans and jumpers for three thousand years I have decided to inject a little colour into my life and I have designated 2008 as The Year of Colour!

Now, I am not afraid of colour, working with it, wearing it...I embrace a spot of colour in an otherwise neutral outfit. Remember this ? Or how about this to name just a couple. But what I really mean is a bit of fair-isle/ stranded/ jacquard to stretch the skills and feast the eyes. I wouldn't rule out intarsia entirely, but it's not high up the priority list at the moment.

I have dipped my toes in the water before, for example, there are fair isle bands on Emmeline
and I worked the self- coloured meets self-striping in Fake Isle but I feel I'm ready to give it a go properly.

DH has promised to treat me to an Alice St*rmore kit for my Christmas (yes I know it's Jan 4th, give him a break if there are expensive knitting kits at stake) and I want to get my two-handed knitting skills up and running on something where the odd mis-shapen stitch (and I mean odd as in mutant, not as in occasional) or tension inconsistencies won't spoil the overall look or fit of a worn garment.

So here's the idea.
I'm taking the Duke's pattern from my Sanquhar gloves(Remember I bought those, I didn't make them) and magicking it into a tubular scarf to get the rhythm and improve my two-colour two-handed technique before *the* kit arrives. I can just about make it happen with the two-handed thing, but it's very inexpertly done at the mo. Or should I say, being positive, it will respond to practice.

I've done a provisional cast-on on my tube because I haven't decided yet whether to graft, three needle bind-off or even gather up the ends and thread the yarn tail through. I've got plenty of time yet to decide.

Just to be clear, I'm not ruling out lace and all that jazz in 2008, I'd just like to have a good crack at some colour projects. I blame Ravelry !


soCherry said...

your experiments are looking great! i'm hoping to try some colourwork this year too so now i'll have an expert to ask! :)

TangledFrog said...

What a great goal for the new year. Love the look of your scarf so far! Looking forward to admiring more of your work!

Flavaknits said...

Colourwork looking good already - when I become a grownup knitter I want a Starmore kit too! lol
Still waiting on the Ravelry invite , I think I may have another couple of weeks to wait!

heather said...

Excellent ! Next time we're co-inciding at a meetup I'll bring along my Starmore books for you to see - you're welcome to borrow any or all :0)

Poshyarns said...

Looks like you are already off to a great start and I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year. I always consider you a queen of lace knitting so perhaps now you will become queen of colour too...

Anonymous said...

Oh a Starmore kit to look forward to. You are very lucky. They look just gorgeous. Any idea which one?

Aim said...

I'm with you! A lot of color is called for in 2008! I love those gloves, wow.

I especially love what you are doing to practice your gauge and technique: what a great idea to make a scarf until you get the rhythm going. That's going to be a killer scarf :)