Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, the kit has landed!

Yes indeed, my Alice St*rmore kit has arrived, and lovely it is too!

Not the best photo in the world, but you get the picture. Lots of different sized skeins (so you get the perfect yardage or so you can't work out how much there is and reknit?) in lovely shades of Hebridean 2ply. Yes, t-w-o ply. For the girl who knits LACE in heavy DK and aran eg/ Kid Classic, Orkney Angora from time to time.

Some of the colours are quite vibrant, others more subdued, but if the FOs on Ravelry are anything to go by they sing out when put side by side.

The pattern in included with this one, but do check if you are ordering because some are not and you are expected to have access to the book. I also got a lovely gift card saying "I hope you enjoy knitting this my dear. Love J xxx" Seemed funny getting a note from him in someone else's handwriting!

It was all wrapped up in tissue paper in a strong box and then covered in sturdy brown paper. Giving you all the specs cos I've never had a posh kit before and I want to give you the full picture in case you're tempted to take the plunge. It all arrived in good time after ordering, but we were unsure if the order had gone through because the promised confirmation e-mail never appeared.

The pattern is the Flora waistcoat from the Alice St*rmore Classics page on Virtual Yarns (scroll down) and it's in the Mountain colourway. In the catalogue the waistcoat is shown in Glen and the jacket in Mountain, but I'm having the waistcoat in Mountain. Lovely as they both are, I do love my greens, plus when I went back there to get the links for you I see Glen is sold out now.

As it's knitted in the round in 2ply I have to cast on 395 stitches. When I start this I'm gonna need a lot of good vibes and encouragement to keep me going.

Making steady progress on the Duke's scarf, a variation on the Sanquhar pattern. Now it's time to do a long plain stretch in the light green, ideal knitting club knitting.

Talking of knitting club, have you been over to my pal Lynette's new blog Tangled Frog ? It's just off the ground but already she has lots of beautiful things to see.

Happy Knitting!


heather said...

Excellent Kathleen ! It'll be lovely :0) I had the same thought as you I have to admit about yarn amounts when I got my first kit.

Having knitted 2 kits now, with both I have had untouched skeins of yarn at the end so in my experience they are generous with their yardage.

Heather x

Kate said...

Maybe you could weigh each skein on a kitchen scale before using it. If you wrote the weight on an index card and taped an inch of yarn next to the weight you might be able to reproduce the amounts.

I absolutely adore the colors.

Waistcoat is vest over here in the US--very nice by whichever name. Have great fun working on this one!

Aim said...

I agree with Kate. That's what I did before starting my Hanne Falkenberg kit: I weighed each color of yarn in the kit. If you know the yarn thickness (2-ply for example) and how many grams of it you were given, then you can re-knit your pattern to your heart's content!

Good luck with that kit. Sounds like it will be lovely :)

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I'm drooling at that kit. I am being very restrained on the knitting front- seen lots of lovely stuff (particularly sock yarn) but I am resisting with every fibre of my stash.
Oh, and we finally have internet:0)

TangledFrog said...

Yum! Love the colours! Can't wait to watch this one grow...

Flavaknits said...

Sending positive vibes - it looks fabulous , am so jealous!

Sandra said...

happy knitting!

TangledFrog said...

Heather tagged me and, in return, I am tagging you. Consider yourself tagged!

Anonymous said...

Good choice Kathleen. The colours look lovely. I shall look forward to seeing you knitting it.