Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stash competition

NO, not my stash, for once!

So here's the competition for all you smart eagle-eyed people.....

WHOSE stash do you reckon this is?

And WHERE do you think it might be stored?

Can you tell?

A knitterly prize will be offered to the person who can work out the answer, or for the closest guess.

One part of the question is not too hard, the other is a little more challenging.

Good luck, and knock yourselves out with the guesses!
x K


Mary said...

It looks like a squirrel's acorn stash being stored underneath the upturned hull of a dinghy / rowing boat. On a beach on the west coast perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Agh - Mary wrote exactly what I was planning to write! It looks like acorns to me...