Saturday, May 03, 2008

Introducing Stoney the Waistcoat

Here's my new waistcoat Stoney Rowan 43 designed by Lisa Richardson.

Made using 6 balls of the discontinued Jonelle Knitting Cotton DK which I bought from John Lewis when I first got back into knitting, I think we're talking the year 2000 here. Has been maturing in my stash for eight years or so, he he. I do like the colour, it's a warm pinky browny shade aptly called Rosewood. I was left with 2 or 3 metres left after the edging, which was lucky. I wasn't panicking too much because I have more balls of the same yarn quality in a toning colour which I could have edged it with if the worse had come to the worst.

I like it and I've enjoyed making it. One thing I can't get my head round though. There's short row shaping to get the curved look on the left and right fronts. So far so good. BUT there is a definite texture to the waistcoat, with garter ridges every four rows so the short rows look weirdly staggered. Wouldn't make it again with that feature.

It has a mock opening, you sew down both layers of the fabric and pull the waistcoat on over your head. I used some Rowan buttons I got from Get Knitted. (Rowan Metal Heart 15mm 00037). I'm also pleased with the fit. The sun's in my eyes in some pictures, sorry for looking grim!
Oh yeah, and I'd spell it Stony, but the book says Stoney, WWWWWhatever.


Twelfthknit said...

I like it! And you know, I kind of like those 'staggered' rows.
How you guys doing, by the way? We are having our second amazingly hot weekend. You know, the really awful kind where sitting in the shsade is even a bit warm. It's hell, but someone's got to do it I guess... ;0)

Sarah said...

It looks great on you! I like the color and the short rows work for me.

TangledFrog said...

Cute pattern! The wrapped style makes it look so feminine!

Flavaknits said...

That is one of my fave patterns out this summers Rowan Mag. Looks great , love the wee heart buttons!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Kathleen - must take a re look at this pattern. I had skipped over it before - but its lovely and checking my stash shows that I have just enough summer tweed to make it too!

Sandra said...

at first glance - I thought it was crocheted! Love it!

heather said...

Looks great Kathleen - like the colour too :0) And your spelling's spot on, I agree with you !

anne said...

I love it too. I think it would look good on me - perhaps I will borrow it if, by some chance, the weather in Scotland is cold or rainy..... Love You, Anne.