Sunday, October 19, 2008

Visit to New Lanark

The thundering River Clyde

Last weekend we had a lovely visit to New Lanark Heritage Site to soak up some local history and to do some wool shopping of course. It was one of those very cold, very crisp autumn days with blue skies and lovely light while it lasts. I love those types of days.

The last time I visited the place was with an exchange trip of 45 French teenagers and their teachers. It's always the way, isn't it? You don't explore what's on your doorstep until you have visitors to show round. So, to rectify that (and did I mention the wool shopping?) we took a wee run over to have a good look round.

New Lanark Wool Silk DKAfter refreshing our memories about Robert Owen and watching a man unblock a weir full of weeds, we jumped into the shop and browsed for a good while before plumping for 20 balls of Donegal Silk Tweed DK in shade Cobalt. Actually it might have been a canal lock he was unblocking, but it's always interesting to watch someone else work...
I am making Brier from Rowan 36 with the yarn. Normally now I'd link to the Rowan page and show you but the Rowan site is out of commission at the moment. Did I sound measured, composed and calm there? Did I fool you even for a minute?
I can give a Ravelry reference though for Rav members Brier on Ravelry .
And, of course, thank-you very much for all the kind comments about our TV appearance. Aww shucks!!! x K

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