Monday, October 06, 2008

STV's Five Thirty Show, best episode ever!

Got a spare four minutes?

If so, get on over to STV Five Thirty Show Monday 6th October part two and watch a wee segment on Glasgow Knit n Stitch meetup, sponsored by Stitching Time Hamilton!

It's on between 04:09 and 08:26, just after an item about e-books.

Don't we look swell!!! I'm just amazed that after about 1 hour 45 mins filming they distilled it down to four minutes plus, and even more amazed they didn't feature more of the knitted objects we brought. Anyway, not to panic, here's the link.

Some of what I'm saying doesn't make sense because of they way it has been edited, but some would say, no change there. Plus, I haven't been knitting for 9 months. SRSLY?

I think we all come over well, and even the panning shots round the room are nice.

And I didn't shout at the telly! x K


Paula said...

It looked pretty good inspite of the mixups with names and the couple of mistakes.

The Godmother said...

I was very impressed with the whole relaxed, friendly atmosphere and how naturally you all behaved -and not a wrinkly in sight! I bet you will get a lot of new members now. I just loved your giggle at the end! Mxxx

Anonymous said...

You did brilliantly, I didn't shout at the screen either ;)

Flavaknits said...

Noticed one of your pupils left a note on the STV website! You all looked great , and "Knitting for 9 months" aside, it looked great!
Can I get your autograph now ? lol

Anonymous said...

Dang it - can't watch it outside of the UK. Will have to try and find a way to circumvent that!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful demonstration by Kathleen. I think she should be given her own TV show!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you girls came over as really warm and welcoming! If I was thinking of taking up knitting, you'd be my first port of call.
And Kathleen, your didactic skills never fail to impress!
Roddy xxx