Sunday, March 29, 2009

All out of green

I can't ever remember making so many posts about the same project before, but then again, it is a bit of a magnum opus.
Well, the bad news is that I've run out of green at 16 rows. There should've been 20 rows at this stage. I guess these are the perils of stashing and making decisions on the hoof. I wouldn't have it any other way though!
The problem is that yes, I did leave more than half of the green yarn after the first big green section to take into account that the rows get bigger all the time, but I didn't leave *enough*.
No biggie - I have a plan! If anyone comments that the second green stripe looks thinner, I'll imply it's an optical illusion- maybe it looks thinner because it's longer? That should flummox 'em! If it was the difference between eight rows and twenty rows or whatever, I'd sweat it more but the difference between 20 and 16 rows will hopefully not be too offensive to the eye.
Also the tone and saturation of the green and blue are very similar, hopefully the eye won't read a big difference if those two are fuzzing together.
I'm not about to send to Shilasdair for more green and even if I did there would be colour variance because they use natural dyes, many of which are foraged locally. Who's to say 2009's pigment's like 2005's pigment.
One thing I have sent for right enough, is the pink cable you see peeking through in some of the shots. It's the 100cm supplementary needle for the Denise Interchangeable pink set. This baby's going to be about the size of a small village by the time it's blocked.
Don't panic if you think my ends are really scrappy, they're only tucked under out the wind for the time being.
Now, off to knit lots and lots of lovely blue.
Happy crafting. x K


Sandra said...

great about confusing us with thiner green! heehee!
BTW, admire your pitience about this shawl! Small villager will ceratinly be!

Sarah said...

I don't think anyone will be able to see a difference! It's going to be lovely :)

Flavaknits said...

You realise we knitters won't care , we'll just be trying to pinch it once its done lol!
Its looking good.