Sunday, March 01, 2009

Slow and steady

Firstly, thank-you for all your kind birthday greetings.

I had a lovely birthday overall and it was nice and restful compared to the work days before and after, so an oasis in the middle of two hectic weeks.

I received some beautiful cards and nice gifts and they are still trickling in, so maybe in a few days I can show you the crafty related ones.

So, slow and steady?

Yes, the Hap Shawl.

It's going to be beautiful and I'm going to love it, (repeat ad lib) but I'm getting into the hard work stage. The stage where every 450+ st row takes 5g of yarn and ages to finish. Weighing the oatmeal coloured yarn frequently in the hope that the Skye fairy has flown down and added a few grammes so I'll have enough for the edging, but it hasn't happened yet.

I never have been and I never will be a monogamous knitter, but even I know I have too much on the needles at the moment and thanks to our Crochet Special at Glasgow Knit and Stitch this Tuesday, on the hooks as well. I'm spreading myself too thinly and not really seeing massive progress on anything. I think I'll try and buckle down to the Hap Shawl this week and make discernable progress. (Even as I'm typing this Girasole is calling my name!!!)

Here are some progress shots of the soft, lovely and quite likely massive, Hap-like shawl. x K


Sandra said...

450+ sts per row - oh boy, quite a work!I remember one my pal told her mother liked knitting rounded tablecloths with very thiny yarn - and at the end of her work it took her 1,5 - 2 hours per round! I don't know how long I would stay sane with such knitting!

Flavaknits said...

Looking more fabulous by the minute , 450 stitches though - its devotion!