Monday, May 25, 2009

The beginning of the end...

...or at least the end of the beginning.

After having only knitted one rep of chart E (instead of three), one of F as normal and one of chart G (instead of two), all because of yarn availability, I'm at the edging stage of Fat Girasole. Wow!
I have gleaned some invaluable advice about this from Ravelry. The last line of the chart would have you
Bind off three, knit three, knit one edging stitch together with one live shawl stitch.

Now here's the thing, you know when you cast off (three or whatever) there's a stitch left on your right needle which has just been leapfrogged by a cast-off stitch?
This counts as one of your knit three.
Reread this again if you even decide to embark on a Girasole.

I have decided to time myself doing the edging, just for the science, and for info for my knitalong.
Well, the first ten reps took 52 minutes.
I'm sure subsequent reps will be quicker and by the time I've done all 160 reps I'll be zooming along. Only 150 to go. (I can laugh about this now, see if I'm laughing by the end of the week.

The edging is nice and easy now I now the tip above and it feels **great** to offload some of my 640 stitches from the needle.

Onwards and upwards! ;-) x K

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Sandra said...

I can remember your Girasole swatches ... and now you are finishing it! Time realy flies!