Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yum Yum Strawberry Fondant Socks

Last September I broke my own golden rule, which is to make sure sock two is well underway before finishing sock one.

As such, sock two was just a figment of my imagination for months on end.

Well, it's a reality now, even if I had to just had to try to remember how I had made sock one as I didn't take any notes. No major hassles, just a lot of holding the socks side by side to compare.

In the first sock I used 2.5 needles on the ribbing and 2.25 on the main sock. I decided that second time round I'd go up to 2.75 on the ribbing just to give a little more ease round the ankle because of the corrugated rib pulling in quite a lot. This is based on the cuff of a Sanquhar glove.

I really like them and the only slight disappointment is that one of the main purposes of making them was to use up the pink yarn, which didn't happen! They're made from Opal Uni sock yarn from

My next plan for the scraps is to learn how to do stashbuster spiral stripes in the style of Janine Hempy.

By the way, you know me, I'm always going back to similar colour combos- do these socks remind you of my fingerless gloves from a couple of years ago?


Paula said...

The socks look great.

soCherry said...

I remember those mittens - so cute!

Sarah said...

they're so cute!

Sandra said...

Lickable! Totaly!

Flavaknits said...

Beautiful design and lovely colour combination - A Classic!


Creative Chaos said...

Woww, the socks are really yummy !!!
Patti xx