Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spoiled again this year!

There is a very uplifting tinge to Christmas this year because of a new addition to the wider family. A beautiful five-year-old has joined my in-laws' family, who as well as being someone to knit for, has also really enhanced Christmas. It really IS Christmas when there are little ones about, and I grab any excuse to release my thinly-veiled inner child. What fun.

I also feel very spoiled with my beautiful gift from DH, which was membership to the Old Maiden Aunt yarn preview club this winter. There were three instalments (Oct, Nov, Dec) and we got a foretaste of some of next season's colours on a variety of sock-yarn bases, as well as some extras and members' goodies thrown in. It was great fun, and the best bit is if I love any of the colours (which I do!) I can buy them in the normal way next season. Thanks DH for a marvelous gift. Old Maiden Aunt Webstore

Before I give the details of the goodies I mustn't forget how generous my in-laws were too. As well as giving us a joint household gift, I was also given a wee special voucher for the Outback Yarns section of the Gem Shop in Castle Douglas, a small but well stocked yarn department about the size of your broom cupboard. I must've been not too naughty this year.

Ok, these are the details of the yarns lying loose on the frost, in the third picture.
The range is the forthcoming "I made you this mixtape".

Back l-r
(Orangey) "Put on the Day" in Superwash Merino 4-ply
(Purply) "Derelict Daughter" in Merino-Cashmere-Nylon 4-ply
(Turquoisey) "Seen the Ocean" in Merino-Cashmere-Nylon 4-ply
(Greeny) "Bitter Bug" in Merino-Bamboo 4-ply
(Browny) "Midnight Owl" in Superwash Merino 4-ply
(Weirdy) "Strange Rock'n'Rollers" in Merino-Bamboo 4-ply

Hope Santa was as good to you all as he was to me. x K


Flavaknits said...

Oooh you were a GOOD girl! I must have been good too cos I got some yarny goodness!
Love your hat , is it one of your creations?

J. said...

Enjoy your gift, my love. I will only be too happy to get the same thing next year! DH xxx