Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visit to West Kilbride

A couple of Saturdays ago we made the trip down to West Kilbride for the launch party of the new studio for Old Maiden Aunt.

Glossing over my public transport problems, suffice it to say that Jonathan was the hero of the hour and gave me a run down in the car so I could join in for at least the last wee while. Even though he was in the middle of, and dressed for, moving furniture, he kindly offered to take me.

I was so glad he did because I wanted to join in the festivities and was delighted to get a chance to see some friends I hadn't seen in ages. They gave me a lovely warm welcome :-)

The new studio space is great, with room for Lilith to display her dyed yarns and kits out front, as well as more space and facilities in the back-room to make the
magic happen.

This picture shows a selection of Lilith's yarns on display, although many of her products were already packaged up for the grand trip to Knit Nation, where the stall seems to have gone down a storm.
I also really loved the fabric Old Maiden Aunt bunting in those great co-ordinating fabrics.
I made two yarn selections and eyed up a few things for future purchase :-P

I came away with two skeins of 100% superwash merino 4ply, one in berry good and one in bitterbug, the same colour as my beloved Green Shoots although that was knitted in a yarn base with a different composition. (You can click the Green Shoots link there then scroll down on this page.)

The bitterbug was a special purchase because they way the ties were done during the dyeing process, little flecks of yellow have remained on the yarn in certain places- I love that about it!

I hope those of you who went to Knit Nation enjoyed yourself and have time to have a breather and recover now.

I can join with you in my own way, fondling my beautiful purchases! x K


Flavaknits said...

Beautiful Yarn , so glad you all had a great time at the Studio Warming , sad to have missed it myself . Mx

Paula said...

It was lovely to see you at the studio warming. Knit Nation was great and Lilith's yarns went down really well.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to meet the genius behind Old Maiden Aunt yarns.