Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crochet blanket for dollies

This project dates from last year when we had our niece over for several weeks of the summer holidays.
I've been prompted to mention it because as of tomorrow, she is back!!
The yarn is a soft washable acrylic which is ideal because she was only six and her dolls and teddies wouldn't take care of finest cashmere.
The yarn came from a magazine, I think it was called Let's Get Crafting Crochet Creative, Issue 23, and Madame helped me choose the ripple pattern from a stitch library and chose the colour sequence and all. Each ball was only 25g but it was plenty for the project and I had enough to go round and stabilise the vertical edges with single crochet in a couple of colours and to add three wee crocheted flowers as well.
It was really well received, and often when you drop in, even unannounced it's out with dolls, teddies or Playmobile characters on it. An all-round-hit, I think it was because she had such an input into its "design". x K


Flavaknits said...

Lovely colours , clearly has some of your knitterly talent there . Have fun doing 6/7 year old things soon! Mx

LinnMarit said...

Oh ,you're crocheting too!! Love the colours!! And yes, I am glad I am finished with that blanket, now I am back to knitting for a while!

Twelfthknit said...

Yes....cashmere + 6 yo = tears before bedtime!