Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First finished object of 2006!

I finished the actual knitting of this on Hogmanay but I didn't get round to the finishing until yesterday so I am able to present to you my multi-directional scarf in Regal Silk.
I love this yarn, it has a great lustre to it, I just hope it wears okay.
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Regal Silk by Art Yarns,
Bought from getknitted, link in sidebar.

I found a nice wee yarn shop about the size of a broom cupboard in Vienna when I was en route somewhere else. They had loads of Naturwolle, but no patterns, which is a bit of a bummer as I have ten skeins but no pattern. Not to worry, I'll just sub.
I don't go beyond a few phrases of the most basic German and the assistant in Citywolle didn't speak English but between us we managed to communicate that she liked my scarf, that she had no Austrian wool and that she had no patterns for Naturwolle. Ah well, at least I tried. A night-time shot of Citywolle, get off at Stubentor underground or tram stop.

It seems as if there is some kind of wool connection to that district as one of the main streets leading up to the cathedral was called Wollzweile and there were two interesting murals in the lane.

Carding, spinning, umbrella swifting (new word), weighing, weaving wool. Oh yeah, and sheep.

Although they didn't stock any Austrian wool, I did manage to make one or two purchases from Citywolle.
Lang Fantomas Swiss sock wool really.
I think I might make some mittens for my great niece from this. Great niece or grand niece?

Lang Venezia. Variegated mohair blend. Much more body than say, KidSilk Spray.
Something lacy no doubt.

GGH Al Dente wool blend.
And two lucky pigs.
The lucky symbols on the market stalls were four leaf clover, chimney sweeps and lucky pigs.
Bought a wee piggy bank for euros and a tiny glass lucky pig.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Love that scarf and the sock yarn looks great ,too. Katherine is contemplating Lorna's Laces.....

Anonymous said...

Great scarf, and such lovely colours. I am so enjoying your travelog of Vienna. It looks like it was a beautiful place, especially aytChristmas time. Happy New Year to you too Kathleen.