Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quick post

I'll have to make this quick as I still have to practise my song for the Burns Supper I am attending at work tomorrow. Neighbours are going to love me.

Anyway, I have been busy knitting and busy generally these past few days. I can offer you a picture of the back of my Garter Rib Sweater from Classic Knits for Real Women. I was working away at this at the Meetup at the Tramway theatre cafe on Sunday. If you are interested I have done a wee write up of the event under last Sunday's date, 22nd January on the Glasgow Knitting Meetup site. I know some readers are regulars there, and some faithful friends were at the meet. Don't have time to do posh links tonight, but here is the URL

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Here's a close up of the stitch pattern - don't know how clearly it will come out, might give you the general idea at leat. K2 P3 on right side and purl across wrong side rows. I'm liking the effect but those vertical ridges are apparently adding to the whole "Pumpkin" effect. Not the most flattering of looks!

I have been making progress with other knitting, but I'll give you the details at the weekend, along with an update on the Burns Supper. Yeah, I know today is Burns day, but you try and find a speaker who'll come to a school on the actual day when they could be getting well rewarded at a Rotary Club or Golf Club, whatever. Until the weekend! x K


Heather said...

We've got lots of late Burns events too. Saturday morning Rosie is reciting a bit of Tam 'O Shanter in George Square as part of a commemorative ceremony, then a dinner on Saturday night and a prize giving for recitation next Friday ! I think I'll "burned" out by then. No pun intended of course .....

carol said...

Great knitting group you have. You are very lucky. I must educate myself more about the Burns Supper - as to be honest I am not sure aside from the real basics exactly what its all about. Hope a fun night was had.

Kathleen said...

Don't you worry Carol, all will be revealed in my next post when I get over my hangover a bit more!