Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday update

Just wanted to show you the cross stitch picture my mother-in-law made for our Christmas. I hope you can see how lovely it is from this photo and imagine how much work went into it. And yes, she did stitch all the white sections on the cottages. Certain lazy persons not too far from here would have just let the white Aida shine through.

I had bought her this scene as a kit from the Creative Stitches fair at the SECC about a year or more ago and knew she had been working away at it but I didn't realise she was going to give it back to us after all her hard work. As well as the lovely picture itself, she had it professionally framed and everything. What a lovely gift and it's motivating me to finish her Misty Garden (Scarf Style Knitalong link for 'in-progress' photos). I don't normally make her hand knitted birthday presents etc, but as I said at the end of last month, I think I'll be making more things for other people this year, so the Misty Garden is a good place to start. Worked on it today at the Knitting Meetup in the Tramway; good fun as usual.

I also mentioned that I will be doing more large garments as opposed to accessories so I have cast on the Garter Rib jumper from Rowan's Classic Knits for Real Women. I am not really used to showing works in progress on this blog, but I guess I'll have to acquire the habit of showing photos at minor milestones of full size garments. So...., I have loaded a picture of what one ball's worth of this jumper looks like. It is my first time trying All Seasons Cotton and this is the Copper colourway, although the picture is not the most colour-true I've ever seen.
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Anonymous said...

Lovely gift - and to get it framed as well. My Mum too is a big x-stitcher and I have several pieces up on my wall too. Enjoy it...