Saturday, June 10, 2006


I've been reunited with my lovely Deep bolero!

It's shown here with my green linen skirt, which is one of the few things I feel I can wear to work on a hot summer's day and feel cool without looking as if I'm on holiday. Don't get me wrong, it's easy to look nice in the summer, it's just not easy to get the balance between professional, and cool. Anyway, that's not the point.

The point is my Deep has been returned smelling quite strongly; smells a bit like "Brasso". The woman at Rowan who was dealing with it didn't say anything about them trying to fix the dye, but I've a feeling they did, otherwise they maybe tested it with some chemical or other. Failing that, why would it have acquired a new smell? (Not the smell of the packaging, I checked.)

They are giving me a refund of the cost of the yarn used, which should be with me within the week. I checked over the garment, it hasn't been overstretched or anything. When I sent in the cardie I also printed off a picture of that jug of blue water on photo paper, and the lady said it proved quite conclusive. I take the view they were all set to give me a refund anyway, not having asked for ball bands, dye lots, proof of purchase or anything. I reckon it is not the first time they've had such a complaint about this yarn. I'm glad to have my Deep back anyway, I'm sure I'll get the wear out of it this summer.

So, I've tempted you all into becoming lace fiends then? An enabler for knitaholics! I swatched for my next lace project, Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style, but the yarn and pattern were competing. Good job I swatched. Now, to hunt through the stash for something more suitable. Could take some time and a fair bit of swatching to find something which is not only in harmony with the pattern but I would be dying to wear when I was finished. No point in going to all that trouble if I don't love it.

My main knitting this week has been for the Rowan International exchange, but I can't show you that until the reveal in July, so I'll have to settle for showing you one ball's worth of progress on Eva from the Jaeger Roma Collection.

Off now to join some friends for Worldwide Knit in Public Day. x K Posted by Picasa


Poshyarns said...

Glad you got your Deep back, now just try and keep it clean when you wear it! It looks perfect witht that skirt.

Your Eva looks lovely, I often forget about Jaegar and I have just spotted a pattern I really like thanks to your link, I'm glad you reminded me.

Heather said...

Hi Kathleen - the name of the stuff I saw recommended for fixing dyes on Wendy Knits is Jacquard Synthrapol. Here's a link I found for a supplier

Might be worth trying on Deep ? It looks great with the green skirt btw !


carol said...

Glad that Rowan came through with a refund and returned Deep to you also. Hope the strange smell goes away soon and that you can enjoy wearing it again.

soCherry said...

Hey :) Glad you got Deep back - what a relief!

Hope the smell goes away soon - strange that they didn't mention it..

Elaine x

RoxyKnits said...

Glad you've got your Deep back. It's a great design isn't it?

You must have been unlucky with your dye lot I guess. I've washed my Deep in Lilac with no trouble - in a lingerie bag in the machine on a handwash. I always use one of those colour catcher sheets just in case.

But interestingly enough, I did have problems with a Blue Rowan Cotton HK DK yarn than bled into the pale blue on a bag. Showed my local Rowan consultant and they happily refunded the cost of the yarn used. I still use the bag though as it still looks good. Maybe blues are more prone to dye issues?

Rowan are excellent at dealing with problems aren't they though, thankfully.