Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Social life!

Had a rather sociable couple of weeks which haven't included much blogging.
However, they have included a 21st birthday party, a brilliant concert by Karine Polwart, dinners out, a 50th birthday party and the like.
Also had two parents' nights which are a bit, em, not very well scheduled in my opinion as the pupils won't have much time to take on board what we're saying before the summer holidays. The parents' nights are summative at best I suppose.
Anyway, this means I haven't done much blogging, but I've been working away at my knitting.
Bit of the Eva cardigan, bit of the Rowan exchange doo-dah, and a bit of my second lace shawl by Evelyn Clark. It's Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style this time. I'm enjoying it again, and the pattern is very simple, basically
k3 yo k1 yo k3 sk2po at various intervals. But it's the intervals which count, which is why she is a designer, and I am not!
This is the evidence of one ball's worth. It's about neckerchief size at present so I'm hoping it groooooooooooooowwwws pdq. Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

I'm gloating over which of my Evelyn Clark patterns to start but am making myselk finish my Rowan Exchange thing, first, or I'll never get to it.

Helen said...

Why aren't you posting this to the Scarf/Wrapstyle Knitalong?????????? I nearly missed it :)

andrea said...

I'm Andrea from Mexico, Thank you for visiting my blog. You are in UK, how did you find me? Your shawls are great!

Kathleen said...

Linda- You are very wise doing finishing off your Rowan thing first-if I had any sense, that's what I'd do too!
Helen- I'll certainly post it on Scarf Style when it's finished, maybe even before if I can get a good detail shot.
Andrea- I found you on the TEJE-TEJE blogring.
Best wishes to all. K x

Carol said...

Lovely shawl - I have looked at this one often in the Wrap Style book. Maybe once the weather cools down here a bit I will have a go too. So hot here right now - knitting is almost impossible. Off to the beach today to cool off a bit- will take the boogie boards and play around for a few hours in the surf!