Thursday, June 29, 2006

What bliss! What rapture!

What am I doing blogging at quarter to ten on a Thursday morning?
Well, as of 1pm yesterday it's the school holidays! Ya dancer as we say in these parts.

Talking of bliss and rapture, I hope those going to Woolfest have a wonderful time. Maybe I'll join you next year.

A special welcome to my international visitors! I've got a Neocounter on free trial which breaks down the country of origin of all who access the page. Have a scroll down the right hand side to see what a cosmopolitan bunch visit KEDkrafty. Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Egypt..... you name it! Thanks for stopping by, as they say.

Still no joy on the digital camera, so we'll have to settle for an archive picture of the yarn I'm using for my shawl. Yes, I know Thomas D, it's sad that I 'happen to have' a photo of this yarn in my Picasa files, just for a rainy day.


carol said...

Ahh summer hols - fabulous. Enjoy your well earned rest.
My digital camera has gone kaput too - and same story as yours. It costs more to repair than replace. How crazy is that? Madly shopping now for one on sale before I come home in 10 days.

Linda said...

Oh how exciting to see little old me making the web counter show Australia! Cheap thrills, to those more sophisticated, I know. I'm starting my lace knitting, inspired by your lovely shawl, tomorrow.(School holidays, here.)I just need to decide which pattern first - no mean feat!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi Kathleen - all'Fested out - yipee!