Monday, November 06, 2006

Autumn leaves

Hi, recently I was involved in the Charity Mitt Knit over at K1 Yarns. I had never really fancied making fingerless gloves until I made those Olive Kid Classic ones, which now belong to my pal Mhairi, the generous gal she is. While I was knitting them I started to fancy the notion so I've just finished a pair of my own. These were made in Rowan Felted Tweed in #142 Melody and #145 Phantom. Thanks to my other pal Karen for giving me the idea of putting bows on them as an embellishment. Here they are in their autumn leaf glory. I'm now in the mood to make a beret to go with them; that yarn has great yardage, but that might be pushing it a bit.

I had never seen myself making/using fingerless mitts. I had never seen myself making/ using lacy shawls. And I had certainly never seen myself making a knitted lap blanket. Well, this is all changing, as part of Norovember I am making myself a small blanket in Noro Kureyon #154 and #159. Doing very well with it too, on the last lap, 75.43 miles of applied I-cord. L-o-v-i-n-g i-t! (The blanket, not so much the I-cord.)

This is a massive orange and pecan cookie from Cookies Galore. Don't ask me why so massive, I thought I had diligently followed the instructions. Turned out very yummy as biscuits, but also great dessert wafer garnishes. Mmmm.

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