Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Going Live!

Thank you very much for the lovely comments about my Siesta throw, it certainly seems to have hit the spot.

Now, a while ago I took a notion to start up a blog which just showed my finished objects, with no in-progress shots, stash flashes, pictures of cookies, Scottish Tourism stuff etc. Just the gen on the finished items from January 2006 onwards.

So, KEDkrafty Finished Objects has been born!

It will hopefully be a breeze to maintain when I have cleared the backlog of recent finished objects, but for now I will have to gradually add things I have stored. I have done five posts, which I think is a reasonable time to get you on board, and I will try hard to work my way through all the things I have made this year, as well as giving occasional reference to things I made in my pre-blogging days.

Thank you so much for your kind comments about Siesta. x K


Anonymous said...

Seriously impressed with Siesta! Hope to see you at the DCA tomorrow about 1ish. Remember there is a lift back to GLasgow available.

Mhairi said...

Am v.impressed with the Finished Objects blogspot!
I think my New Year resolution is to start a blog, but not sure how many FO's will be included (doing too much frogging jsut now!)
Love the throw - would like to pinch India's Norp , I mean purchase some Noro just like it to knit a throw - another ot add to the list.

alltangledup said...

very nice...great idea to showcase FO's

carol said...

Gorgeous Siesta, the colours are stunning and vibrant. I hope that you enjoy snuggling up underneath it. It is a beautiful lap blanket.