Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Norovember - last gasp - Fake Isle hat

Not another hat?
I just made it.
I'm able to show you another finished item for Norovember just before the calendar flips over.
Blocking and human-modelled shots will just have to wait or I'll miss the deadline - we'll have to do with these shots posed over our Gleneagles Crystal Rose Bowl, which may I say, did an excellent job.
As if you didn't know this is the Fake Isle hat from Amy King, as seen over at MagKnits .

Since Rowan Tapestry came out I've been trying to concoct something like this, which takes advantage of the changing tones in the background colour to mimic those complex fair isle which require a gross of yarns of different colours. Well, in the meantime, this will do the trick, this is just the kind of effect I was looking for, and give my ideas a little longer to ferment. Even better, a friend admired it so much he has got himself a Christmas present. Two-and-a-half done, and counting.

The main shade is Noro Kureyon shade 154, left over from the Siesta blanket from earlier in the month, and the contrast is Kilcarra Donegal Tweed. Unfortunately I had a little less of that than I thought, so I had to omit the lovely "stained glass" section at the top. Next time.

If you scroll down you will see a few more photos, including a big stack of Kureyon to keep on working with long after Norovember has gone.

I must admit that the thing I have enjoyed most about the Norovember knitalong is that I have seen so many things knitted up in the different colourways, so I have a much better idea about the colour choices and gradations. Very informative. Now, where's the credit card?

Norovember Flickr Show


Linda said...

That new hat is lovely but the most glorious thing on the picture show is your blanket. Not kidding. PS I ordered the other hat yarn and booklet today.

Anonymous said...

definitely worth the effort - in fact, I might be inspired to do one myself.

Poshyarns said...

Oooh, lovely hat. All this Noro you are spoiling us with has really re-ignited my interest in it, off to browse Ebay.....

roddy said...

hat's turned out nice!!....looking forward to trying it on, minus knitting i have to wait for christmas?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen
HAve your buttons disappeared from your posting page? I cannpt find a way to actually contact anyone about this. I have tried using Picasa, but no joy - when I do the Blog This 'thingy', nothing is happening. I seem to recall you gave me some very useful hints last year. If you've got a moment, could you remind me? If you are up to your neck with work, CHristmas and goodness knows what else, don't worry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen, changed browser and - Presto! Buttons back!
Hope to see yuo when Mrs Shipp comes up,