Sunday, June 22, 2008

Showing signs of initial improvement

No, I've not been writing second-year French reports, I am celebrating the minor successes of everyday life.

I have finished the Sanquhar-inspired scarf and it is having a tepid bath as we speak.

I've been noticing that my colour-work is getting a little better, in fact as it flowed through my hands I could see clear improvements on the motif section of the second side compared to the first.

The first time round I was still concentrating so hard on learning to hold the two yarns in two hands that I wasn't taking the trouble to make sure things like tension etc were right, and ended up with an acceptable stab at it, but with the dark green stitches too loose and taking over, as seen in the first photo, where there are almost lines of dark green.

By the time I came to do those same sections on the second side, my work had become a lot more even and well-balanced, as seen in the second photo.

I'm not beating myself up about the first side, there's nothing up with it that some very assertive "teasing" and blocking and a few millenia won't solve, I'm just happy that with two like pieces to compare, I can see the progress.

If anyone has strong *symmetry issues* and they want to attempt something like this, they had better do two ends and graft in the middle as in my version the Vee of each stitch faces upward on one side and downward on the other, when worn on the neck.

All in the garden is not rosy, in spite of my "signs of initial improvement". I mis-placed a motif! I made a chequered box when it should've been a diamond box. And yes, I did notice it one inch afterwards, and yes, I did leave it in. Feel the freedom!

I answered this in the comment box of my last post, but just in case it got missed:

In my last post I made reference to Ravellers and my daring British spelling. Whenever I've seen that word written on Ravelry it has been spelt Ravelers, one l a l'americaine. If I were writing travel then travellers I would put two ls and I've extended this to Ravellers. Feel the freedom again!


TangledFrog said...

Have seen this in person...georgous scarf! I like those two comparison photos...practice really does make perfect, eh?

Poshyarns said...

Well I think your colourwork is amazing and "hurrah" for proper spelling.