Saturday, June 07, 2008

Planet KEDkrafty

Have you seen this wonderful site yet?
Tag Galaxy

You can type in things you like, such as KEDkrafty, knitting, Ravelry, wool, yarn, lemurs, puffins, Vienna, green, whatever

and it reads the tags people have put on their Flickr photos

and makes you a planet, or if it's a bigger subject, a GALAXY of pictures on that subject.

The final effect is great, but it's also lovely as it's all pulling together.
Don't worry if it says "No related tags", that means your main subject IS there, there's just no linking subjects. Click on the resulting planet. Grab it and turn it round.

It's really cool! Try it with your favourite things.


heather said...

Cool link Kathleen ! You have to try "scotland" - we're pretty :0)

Twelfthknit said...

Ah, so this is what you do with your time while I am here at the coal face of cake eating and coffee drinking ;0)

Aim said...

That is a cool link! thanks for that....