Saturday, June 14, 2008

World-Wide Frog in Public Day

Okay, June 14th was meant to be World-Wide Knit in Public Day linky but when you have an Icarus shawl which you have neglected for months and months because deep in your heart you know your yarn is too fuzzy to show off the lace-edging and it doesn't look delicate and fragile like everyone else's Icarus, you can choose to take decisive action. Icarus link for Ravelry punters
Non-Ravellers * can always get it under Interweave Knits Summer 2006.
The shawl is getting some major doctoring, it's being ripped back to the beginning of the lacy charts and I'm just going to continue with the first chart, the one with the eyelet leaf spines radiating from the central spine. I feel a sense of relief already, knowing it's just an eyelet triangular shawl now, rather than a failed Icarus. Talk about re-framing, he he.

Anyway, the site of my public frogging was at the wishing well in
Threave Gardens Castle Douglas
where I spent a lovely afternoon with my honey strolling about admiring the flowers and playing on the Galloway cows. These are an artist's impression of the local Belted Galloway Cattle native to these parts. Yes, you are allowed to touch the sculptures, hell, you're even allowed to walk on the grass in this garden, although you do pay a pretty penny to enter.

Anyway, a good WWKIP day was had by all. x K

* Yes, I really did apply British spelling conventions to this word, so sue me.


Twelfthknit said...

Erm, there's an alternative spelling?

Flavaknits said...

I have my yarn and needles ready to start Icarus - now I just need my confidence, sure I put it somewhere, not wuite sure where! Pictures are lovely, you look like you are all having fun!

Kathleen said...

Hi India, yes, when I've seen it on Ravelry, Raveler has been spelled with only on l. If I was spelling traveller in British English I'd spell it with two, so I've applied the same process here. Look out on Rav, you'll see it with one l. x K
Hi Flava, even if you can find just a little bitty confidence to get started you'll be fine, as the first chart is very rhymic and intuitive (Hidden message, it doesn't get hard till towards the end, the bit I just frogged!) x K