Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn of Socks

Thanks for all the constructive comments about the virtual glasses try-on. I've left the comments open in case you still want to say something, hint hint family members by birth and marriage! It seems as if there is a short-list of favoured looks, and it was very nice and heartening to see that a few liked the ones which ressemble my current choice. Thank-you.

Ok, Autumn of Socks.

Autumn of Socks because yes, it's autumn, but also because I can feel my sock binge drawing to a close. The light is dimming on the sock-fest. The winds of change are blowing in. I will finish the ones on the needles, but they may be my last for some time.

I've finished the Dublin Bay socks in Regia Bamboo for myself (Ravved but not blogged) and some more Regia Galaxy socks to send to Santa for DH. They are in shades of blue this time and turned out nice and swirly, just like the black-grey ones. I can't remember if I said this before and I can't be bothered searching my archives, but apparently the secret is to cast on more than 60 sts if you want the swirls to form.

And in other news, STV's Five Thirty Show came to the Tron Theatre the other night to our Glasgow Knit n Stitch get-together!
The segment will be broadcast sometime this week apparently, I'll let you know when it will be aired and give the link to the Playback feature on their web-site.
I'll be really interested to see how it's all edited down and how it all comes over.
There's a fair chance Yours Truly will have a speaking part because I demonstrated the basic knit stitch to the presenter.
I can tell you now I will cringe at my posture and will be shouting at the screen, "Sit up straight, Kathleen!!!!!" x K


soCherry said...

I think you looked brilliant, and can't wait to see you demonstrating on TV!

My entire family has decided they want to watch us all *gulp*

Anonymous said...

Phew....I read that too quickly and saw 60 stitches for swirls...I've got 72, Dad has webbed feet I think! I'm sure your debut will go beautifully, people will be asking for your autograph ;)

Flavaknits said...

I have Skye plus - may try and tape it, as I never get near the blessed telly in my house! Socks look smashing - I'm trying to "stock up" for winter myself now, too slow!

Sarah said...

reat looking socks! That's exciting about the filming, I'm sure you did wonderfully