Friday, April 17, 2009

Book give-away # 1

I'm having a clear-out and am about to give these books away to the Oxfam book branch near Glasgow Uni.
I wanted to give you first refusal on them, I know you've been dying to read these books for ages ;-)
This is shelf one.

If you would like any of them free of charge let me know at my email address (Please note the UK suffix.)
I will take Paypal for postage where appropriate.

I don't imagine there will be a major run on these books (!!) but just in case I'll generally go with the 'first come first served' routine, although being honest if more than one person wants the same book and I see one of you every Tuesday and the other lives in Bangkok.....

Of love and shadows
An English translation by Margaret Sayers Peden of
De amor y de sombra Isabel Allende Alden Press; Hardback VGC

The Stories of Eva Luna An English translation by Margaret Sayers Peden of
Las cuentas de Eva Luna Isabel Allende Penguin; Paperback VGC

A Year in Provence Peter Mayle Penguin; Paperback VGC

Torquemada in the Fire An English translation by Nicholas Round of
Torquemada en la hoguera Benito Perez Galdos Glasgow University; Pamphlet GC

The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne Penguin Popular Classics; Paperback VGC

The Divine Comedy An English translation by Mark Musa of
La divina Commedia Dante Alighieri Penguin Classics; Paperback VGC

Junior Su Doku Wayne Gould The Times; Paperback VGC

Poemes Pierre de Ronsard Blackwell; Paperback VGC

Les mains sales Jean Paul Sartre Folio; Paperback GC

La grande muraille Claude Michelet Editions Robert LaFont; Hardback VGC

Candide Voltaire OUP; Paperback VGC

Atonement Ian McEwan Random House; Paperback GC

Andromaque Racine Classiques Larousse; Paperback GC

Horace Corneille Classiques Larousse; Paperback GC

Cinna Corneille Classiques Larousse; Paperback VGC

Le bourgeois gentilhomme Moliere Classiques Larousse; Paperback VGC

L'avare Moliere Classiques Larousse; Paperback GC

Phedre Racine Classiques Larousse; Paperback GC

L'ecole des femmes Moliere Classiques Larousse; Paperback GC

Le Misanthrope Moliere Classiques Larousse; Paperback GC

Paroles Jacques Prevert Folio Edition; Paperback VGC


Anonymous said...

All too intellectual for me I'm afraid sis. x

Anonymous said...

All too foreign for me!...mucho gras! Roddy x